Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Nail Polish Collection

Nail Polish Collection

As is about to become rather apparent, I have a problem and it's a somewhat nail polish related problem. For as long as I can remember I have been 'collecting' nail polishes. But saying that, I never actually think to myself when I buy a new nail polish, "this will make a great addition to my current collection" but somehow I have managed to amass an entire rainbow of shades.

Instead of standing up and proclaiming, "my name is Ellis and I'm a nail polish-a-holic," I thought that it might be wiser and more enjoyable for you as readers, to share my nail polish collection. I have split it up into ten separate colour groupings, to make it a little easier to digest the sheer (and quite frankly ridiculous) amount.

I may even do a blog post on my favourite brands/shades, if that is something that you would potentially like to see? Let me know what you think of that idea. It might be something that would work in the future, especially as I haven't been able to go into too much detail in this particular blog post. If I had we would have been here for forever. Hehe.
Silver Nail Polish

Pink Nail Polish

Blue Nail Polish

Green Nail Polish

Purple Nail Polish

Red Nail Polish

Neutral Nail Polish

Gold Nail Polish

Blacks & White
Black and white Nail Polish

What do you think of my nail polish collection? How many polishes do you have in yours? Is there a make-up item that pops up more than any other in your make-up collection? And would you like me to do more posts on my favourite nail polishes/brands at a later date? 


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