Sunday, 18 January 2015

What I Got In The Lush Sale

Lush Sale Haul 2014 2015

This was the first year that I was beyond excited to head to the Lush sale on Boxing Day and it was also the first year that I was incapacitated with a horrible, horrible cold, meaning that I couldn't head to the shops on Boxing Day itself. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise as I hate to think how much I might have bought had everything that I wanted to pick up been in stock. Since I got absolutely nowhere on the Lush site on Boxing Day (I spent an entire day refreshing the page to be met with error code after error code), the less said about that the better to be honest, I eagerly anticipated the day when I would feel well enough to head to Lush. That day was the 29th of December so quite a few of the products that I had hoped to pick up were gone (the Luxury Lush Pud, Shooting For The Stars and the Christmas Penguin in particular) but I certainly didn't leave the shop empty handed, now did I?

I managed to get quite a few of the Christmas bath bombs on my wishlist as well as a bubble bar and of course I couldn't leave Snow Fairy behind when they still had some in stock. Do you think that I will have enough Snow Fairy to last me until next Christmas considering I now own four 500g bottles of it, two that I bought myself in this haul and two that my brother bought me for Christmas (link here)? Hehe.

When it came to the bath bombs I went with the ones that they had left that I loved the smell of the most (I have to say, I left the Cinders bath bomb and the Melting Snowman Bath Melt behind as I just wasn't a huge fan of how they smelt). I also actually bought two Butterbears but I managed to drop one on the train home from the shops. Typical clumsy me.

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb Review

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb 

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb Review

Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

Lush So White Bath Bomb Review

Lush So White Bath Bomb

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar Review

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

I really can't wait to try all of these out in the upcoming days and weeks. Despite these products not being available to buy at the moment, considering the fact that they are Christmas limited editions and not available until the end of the year now, would you like to see reviews of these or would you rather I waited until nearer Christmas again to share my thoughts? I would love to hear what you would prefer.

Did you manage to treat yourself to anything in the Lush sale? If so, what did you get? Have you tried any of the products that I managed to pick up?


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