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What I Got In The January Sales

January Sale Haul 2015

I always look forward to the January and Boxing Day sales but unfortunately due to me developing a pretty nasty cold which lasted from Christmas Eve until around New Year's Day, I was unable to hit the Boxing Day sales with my mum, which has been a bit of a tradition of ours since I was a child. After missing the Boxing Day sales as well as the next three days that followed, I wasn't too enthusiastic about there being anything left that I would want to buy but boy was I wrong. So here's what I managed to pick up in the January Sales this year;

Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing

Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Was £60 Now £30
I actually just picked this up on Friday, which was a massive surprise. It completely sold out in my local store and online on the day that it went down to £29 before Christmas, so I definitely wasn't expecting to find it on the shelf of my local Boots store weeks later.
Would you like to see a full review of some, if not all, of the products in The Next Big Thing set?

Paperchase Accessorize Sale

Paperchase E Coin Purse Was £6.50 Now £1 - Accessorize Hammered Gold 'E' Keyring Was £5 Now £2.50 - Accessorize Glitter 'E' Keyring Was £5 Now £1.50
Clearly there was a bit of a theme to my sales shopping here now wasn't there? Normally when I find a product that has a letter on it the 'E' is more often than not completely sold out, so I really couldn't believe my eyes when I found some of the most beautiful products that I have ever seen with an 'E' on them and in the sale no less.

Accessorize Sale

Accessorize Flirty Flowers Waist Belt Was £15 Now £7.50 - Accessorize Travel Card Holder Was £3 Now £1.50 - Accessorize Dog Face Socks Were £3.50 Now £1.75
And then a few more things that caught my eye in the Accessorize sale, all of which I couldn't leave behind.

Paperchase Teddy Bear Bank

Paperchase Teddy Bear Bank Was £5 Now £1.50
How adorable is this little guy? And can you imagine my shock and excitement when I found out that this was only £1.50? This sale purchase was a no-brainer really.

New Look Me To You Slipper Boots

New Look Me To You Slipper Boots Were £12.99 Now £5
I'd actually seen these in the run up to Christmas and really fell in love with them but I didn't want to get them then just in case I ended up with slipper boots for Christmas. I did receive a lovely pair of penguin slippers on Christmas Day (link here) but there's something about slipper boots, I think it's the fact that they keep my ankles warm, that draws me to them more than traditional slippers. And for only £5, how could I say no?

Primark Thumper Slipper Boots

Primark Thumper Slipper Boots Were £5 Now £3
And as if I didn't need another, yes another pair of slippers, I picked up this adorable pair when I was last in Primark. I actually bought my mum a pair of these for Christmas (she's always been a big Bambi fan, as have I) and wished that I'd bought myself a pair too as they just looked so cute on her. So when I found out that they were down to £3 (almost half price, which isn't bad for Primark) I made sure to grab myself a pair. I think my feet will definitely be warm and toasty for the foreseeable future now.

Sharpie Set

Sharpie Set Was £24.99 Now £9.99
Now this is what I call an unbelievable deal. It was £2.50 for a single Sharpie in WH Smith or £9.99 for this entire set including some colours, the neons in particular, that I've been after for a while.

When I add up how much all of these products would have cost me had they not been in the sale, this amounts to £146 (or £145.98 to be precise). But with all of the savings taken into consideration, this year's January sale haul only cost me £65, that's a saving of over £80. Not too shabby really especially when I missed Boxing Day. But these aren't all of my January sale bargains. Next Sunday (a week today) I will be showcasing what I managed to nab in the Lush sale, so there are still plenty more savings to be added to my final totals for the January sales this year.

Have you shopped the sales this year? If so, what bargains did you manage to bag for yourself? Do you prefer to do your sales shopping from the comfort of your home or are you all about battling it out in the stores themselves?


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