Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year: My Goals/Hopes for 2015 (With a little help from Clueless)

Instead of writing up a list of resolutions that I know I'll never keep, such as losing weight (I tend to devour more food in that first week of the New Year than any other week of the year and the resolution is broken almost immediately) and dieting (for the same reason), I have decided to set myself some goals for the year of 2015 instead and here they are. And what better way to demonstrate these goals and hopes than through some of my favourite scenes from one of my all-time favourite movies; Clueless.

Get back into Driving
I first started driving when I was sixteen, when my dad would take me out for lessons but after a bit of a meltdown on a busy road I haven't stepped back into the driving seat ever again. This year will mark six years since I last went out for a lesson which is definitely a worrying thought, for two reasons; those six years have flown by and I really should have got back into driving before letting that amount of time pass by me. I really do need to learn how to drive for so many different reasons but primarily for job opportunities (so many require a full driving license) and for more independence (I still live at home and rely on public transport or lifts which isn't ideal at the best of times).

Sit and pass my Driving Theory Test
This has been my goal for many years now and 2015 will be the year that I accomplish it. I have never even sat my driving theory test, for some reason or another I keep putting it off further and further but it is going to happen this year!

Start Pilates
After starting physiotherapy about midway through 2014, a lot of which was Pilates based, I've been meaning to get myself along to my local Pilates classes and I've just been too lazy to go. I've got my mat and my Pilates kit ready to go so the last thing that's left to finally do is to head along and sign up for the classes.

Get as much work experience as possible
This one is a big one. The one thing that I am really lacking on my CV is work experience in the field that I want to enter into (beauty and fashion PR/blogger outreach/creative copywriting). As a result of blogging, a real passion for a career which relates to the skills that I've gained whilst blogging, has been ignited, so I can't wait to get as much work experience as possible in 2015 which will hopefully lead to a full time job.
I actually start my first internship at Becky White PR next week, which I am so excited for and definitely starts my year off with a great bang.

Improve my blog photography
I treated myself to a Canon EOS M camera before Christmas (which I've still to put to the test) and I really can't wait to get to grips with it and make a difference to my photos on here. The one aspect of my blog that I would really like to improve (more than any other) has to be my photography. It's never as consistent as I would like it to be and as I'm wanting to integrate more outfit and lifestyle posts this year, these shots tend to be quite grainy thanks to my current camera. Does anyone have any tips on how to easily improve their photo-taking?

Get Ebaying/Start a Blog Sale
I have three, yes three, big black bin bags filled to the brim with clothes that I will never wear again, shoes and handbags that I've never even used and beauty products that I bought in the sales/when my shopping addiction was out of control. This will be the year that I finally get them sold. It can be such a hassle Ebaying (think of all the time spent taking photographs, adding a description to your listing, listing the items themselves and then packaging, posting and awaiting their safe arrival with the buyers of the items) but it needs to happen asap! I can't spend much longer with huge bin bags full of stuff I don't want any more adding additional clutter to my already cramped bedroom. Would anyone like to see a blog sale? That might make it a bit more fun than Ebaying it all.

Finally get with it technology wise and learn how to stream/download shows from the US
This last goal is a bit of a silly one but it's something that I've wanted to know how to do for so long now. Any time that I try it I instantly get the fear that my laptop is going to be instantly ravaged by a countless number of viruses, so I close the window pretty quickly. Can anyone help me in my quest to complete this goal this year? Hehe.

And since I'm sharing my goals and hopes for the new year through the medium of Clueless scenes, would it really be too much to ask to find my own Josh (aka. Paul Rudd) in 2015?

So I thought that I would make a little list of what I would like to achieve (I do love my to-do lists) and check off the goals throughout the year.

  • Book my first driving lesson
  • Book my driving theory test
  • Book my first Pilates class
  • Apply for relevant internships/work experience/jobs
  • Learn how to use my new camera to the best of my ability
  • Get Ebaying
  • Do a blog sale
  • Stream some of my favourite US TV shows on my laptop/TV
  • Find my dream man?

What are your goals or hopes for 2015? Do you like to make resolutions or are you a bit like myself when it comes to keeping them (ie. pretty useless)? 


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