Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ellis Tuesday Bakes On Wednesday: Disney Marie Shortbread Biscuits

Disney Aristocats Marie Biscuit Cutters

This is actually quite a momentous week on Ellis Tuesday. I just reached 2000 Bloglovin' followers, which still completely blows my mind and I can't thank every single one of you enough for reading and then following my blog (but more on that in a post next week). I'm also unveiling two brand new monthly blog series'. This Friday I'll be debuting my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips blog series and this is going to be my baking series, entitled Ellis Tuesday Bakes On Wednesday. There's nothing better than a midweek baking session so that's where that name came from. 

If you love a spot of baking or if you have a particularly sweet tooth, then I have a feeling that this will definitely be the kind of series that you will want to check out. Each month I'm going to attempt to bake something that I've wanted to try for a while now, a bit like these shortbread biscuits. And I promise that you won't need to be Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry to keep up with me. I'm definitely a novice when it comes to this baking malarkey but who knows, I might advance to intricate petis fours before we know it (don't hold your breath though). Oh and it might be wise if no one signs me up for the Great British Bake Off just yet. Hehe.

I decided to start with these adorable little shortbread biscuits. Who doesn't love Marie from The Aristocats? And I promise that these are really easy to bake. There's only three ingredients and one of them is a quite a lot of butter but let's not spend too much time focusing on that. 

Disney Marie Shortbread Biscuits Baking Blog


9oz Plain Flour
3oz Caster Sugar
6oz Butter

Step One: Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl and rub in the butter
Step Two: Knead well to form a smooth paste
Step Three: Roll out into the shape of your choice (I bought these Marie biscuit cutters from Amazon but you can also find them on Ebay or on Etsy, along with a whole host of different and equally cute designs)
Step Four: Place on a greased baking sheet or non-stick baking tray
Step Five: Bake for 25-30 minutes until a golden brown colour at gas mark 3-4, 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit

How to make shortbread biscuits

So what did you think of my first baking post? Will you be attempting your own take on these shortbread biscuits? And are there any specific bakes that you would like me to tackle next?


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