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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

As you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram (link here) or read my blog post on the event itself (link here), you will know that I was invited along to the launch of Benefit's brand new revolutionary mascara; Roller Lash. Over the past week I have been putting Roller Lash to the test and I am here to share my thoughts with you today.

What's really exciting about this mascara (well it's what I was the most interested to find out more about at the event) is the wand. It's unlike any other mascara wand that I have used in the past and it's all down to how the bristles are laid out. The lovely Rachel at Benefit described the concept behind the way in which the wand was designed best. Think of curling a ribbon. If you are anything like me when it comes to gift wrapping (isn't it one of the best bits about Christmas?), then you will know exactly what I mean. If not, what I'm talking about is when you take a length of ribbon and then put it in between a pair of scissors to create a curl as you pull it through. There's no need for eyelash curlers with Roller Lash. In my opinion, when it comes to curling my eyelashes I'm in the camp where "aint nobody got time for that," so eyelash curlers certainly don't factor into the equation for me one bit.

Roller Lash Mascara Swatch

Left to right: my natural lashes (or lack thereof) and my lashes after applying one coat of Roller Lash

As you can see, my lashes without mascara are pretty much invisible to the naked eye. Haha. I hope you can see how drastic the difference is after just one coat of Roller Lash is applied. Compared to Benefit's other, best-selling, mascara; They're Real!, Roller Lash is much more natural and definitely a whole lot easier to remove. I should mention here, Roller Lash is not waterproof, just in case you were wondering but it had real staying power on my lashes despite this. My only gripe with They're Real! is the fact that it is so tricky to remove (well at least if you haven't purchased the They're Real! remover that is). I've been reaching for Roller Lash more and more as the week has progressed and the fact that it lasts all day is a big bonus for me. I've had no issue with flaking or mascara fallout as the hours have went on. One coat (as I've documented above) leaves my lashes looking exactly as I would like them to look in their natural state (true black, perfectly separated and curled in a lifelike manner). I'm definitely not a fan of mascaras that leave your lashes looking like spider's legs. If it was a battle between They're Real (which I do really like, especially when it comes to creating dramatic voluminious lashes) and Roller Lash, Roller Lash would win hands down for me.

I've definitely found my new go-to mascara, especially as my old favourite; Too Faced's Better Than Sex, seems to be irritating my eyes all of a sudden. So Roller Lash really has made it's way into my life at exactly the right time. It's like a mascara match made in heaven. Hehe.

Benefit Roller Lash

If Roller Lash sounds like the mascara for you, then I have some very exciting news to share. Just in case you didn't already know, you can actually try this brand new mascara for free and weeks before it is officially released here in the UK, simply by picking up the March issue of Elle magazine. Roller Lash launches here on the 26th of February but you will receive a deluxe mini of Roller Lash with Elle well in advance of that date. If you don't want to risk finding empty Elle magazine packets (why do people do that?!) then you can pre-order the March issue to make sure you'll get your hands on your free sample.

What do you think of Roller Lash? Will you be trying it out? What do you look for in a mascara? And what's your go-to mascara at the moment?


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