Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event

On Monday night I was invited along to a top secret Benefit event in Glasgow. I was told to head to Argyle Street in the City Centre, where all would be revealed. Now when they said that I wouldn't miss them once I got there they definitely weren't lying as this is what I found when I arrived;

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event Glasgow Truck

Yes that is a gigantic lorry parked right in the middle of Argyle Street and if you think that it looks impressive from the outside then just wait until you see what it looked like on the inside!

Benefit Roller Lash Launch

I honestly couldn't believe that all of this was housed inside that very lorry. And just look at how perfectly Benefit it is! I think that we were all completely mesmerised by the pink neon Roller Lash lettering on the back wall, as well as all of the wonderful vintage inspired pieces that filled the lorry so beautifully.

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event Cupcakes

We were treated to Champagne, as we stepped onto the truck and some absolutely gorgeous cupcakes once we had taken a seat. And it was then that we were given a demonstration of Benefit's hotly anticipated new mascara release; Roller Lash. I am going to be doing a full in-depth review of it on Sunday, so please check back if you want to find out exactly what I think about it (spoiler alert: I'm already obsessed and once you see the results I have a feeling that you will be too).

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event Glasgow Bloggers

It was also really lovely to meet so many incredible Scottish bloggers, many of whom I have been following for years now, so that was a bit of a big blogging moment for me. Considering that it was the very first event that I have been able to attend, I had such a fantastic time and the Benebabes were absolutely amazing and so welcoming. They were also rocking some seriously stunning Pin-Up inspired hairstyles too.

And as you might be able to see, just look at those light fittings! As someone who used to work in a hairdressing salon on a Saturday during my teens, this really did make me smile. I actually used to use very similar driers on the more mature clientèle that would frequent our salon every single Saturday morning. Hehe.

Benefit Roller Lash Launch Event Glasgow

This light fitting in particular was beyond amazing. Who wouldn't want one?

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

As I mentioned briefly above, I will be doing a full and in-depth review of the product this Sunday where I will be sharing all things Roller Lash, as well as when it will be launching here in the UK and where you can get your hands on it before the official release (hint hint: you might want to pick up the March issue of Elle magazine).

What do you think of the Benefit Roller Lash lorry? Are you excited for the Roller Lash release? If so, are you looking forward to my review on Sunday?


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