Wednesday, 31 December 2014

This Has Been: 2014

Since there are only a couple of hours left of 2014 I wanted to do a little recap of what happened this year, with help from my Instagram posts of course (@ellistuesday - link here). So what did happen over the past twelve months?


January mostly revolved around sales shopping (I actually did three January sales hauls - links to part 1part 2 and part 3and attempting to beat the January blues and cold, dark, rainy weather outside, with plenty of Netflix and Girls marathons.


February was a bit up and down to say the least. I turned 22, went to see the Strictly Come Dancing live tour and got a lovely Valentine's treat from Soap & Glory (despite being forever alone for another Valentine's Day). Then at the end of the month I had a couple of rather unpleasant days (see Kleanprep) and a couple of pretty rough hospital procedures as well as a lot of bed rest.


March started as February ended; with me feeling really rubbish but as soon as I started feeling more like my normal self it was time to indulge in some much needed junk food, shopping and pampering.


April was a big month blog-wise (more about that in a post dedicated to the big blogging moments of 2014 next Friday) and the weather also finally started to feel a lot more Spring-like too. I may have spent the entire month/most of the year actually, listening to Lana's new album as well.


It appears that I was a big fan of taking selfies in my bedroom mirror in May (which just reminds me that it desperately needs a good clean). I also started Breaking Bad and binge watching it at that and just look at that home-made shortbread!


June wasn't the best of months when it came to my health again. I started physiotherapy, finished Breaking Bad, quickly became obsessed with Orange is the New Black, finally bought The Sims 3 and spent the month scouring for bargains in the Zara sale. It also definitely felt like summer in Scotland, as you might be able to tell from the inclusion of a BBQ, ice cream and the fact that I could wear a vest top outdoors.


July marked the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and it was incredibly and unusually hot and sunny which was a bit of a shocker. I also had a bit of a fangirl moment when Pablo Schreiber (aka. Pornstache from OITNB) favourited one of my tweets.


August was the last month where I had unbelievably long locks, although I do think that another trip to the hairdresser's needs to happen ASAP! It was also the month where the world mourned the loss of Robin Williams. And my 'Shopping Is My Workout' sweater was put to good use as I spent most of the month being a little carefree when it came to my shopping habits #feelingspendy.


As you may or may not know (I have a feeling you might have noticed though) I went to Florida at the end of September (for a full instagram catch-up of this trip then check out this link here). Before departing I had an exciting magazine photoshoot (more of which can be found here and here), became completely enamoured with True Detective and Ru Paul's Drag Race and debuted a new hairdo.


I was still in Florida at the start of October and as soon as I got home I tried my very best to keep the post holiday blues at bay. This called for throwing myself straight into the Christmas spirit and making a start to my Christmas shopping/compiling my own Christmas wishlist for this year.


I spent most of November doing my Christmas shopping and by the end of the month I had completely finished and wrapped all of my presents. I tend to be quite a prepared individual (I do love a good to-do list) but I've never been quite as prepared for the festive season as I have this year.


For me, December means one thing; Christmas and as you can see, I was most definitely in the Christmas spirit in December. It also appears that I was a bit of magpie in the month of December (let's be honest, I am every month of the year but I really get to admire all things shiny, glittery and sparkly over the festive period). I also really enjoyed opening my very first beauty advent calendar in December. I can't think of anything better than opening a door every morning in which a lovely miniature beauty product is hidden behind. This should definitely be a monthly tradition. Am I right beauty lovers?

So that was my year. It had it's ups and downs, mostly when it came to my health to be honest but it also had so many highlights; my holiday to Florida (I've just booked up to go again in 2016) had to be my favourite three weeks of the year. It was also my first full year as a blogger and blogging has seriously made 2014 so incredibly special. I love that I have really documented my year (via instagram and on my blog) and that's something that I would never have even thought of doing had I not been blogging. I'll be sharing some of my biggest blogging highlights in the next week or so as well as what I hope to achieve in 2015 in a blog post that goes live this Friday. So be sure to check back if you fancy reading those.

And here's to 2015!! All the very best for the New Year everyone! How was your 2014? What were your highlights?


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