Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Shut Off, Shut Down After 9pm Campaign

Shut Off, Shut Down After 9pm Campaign Blog

When I head to bed at night I don't close my eyes and go straight to sleep, instead I catch up with videos on Youtube (with Vlogmas happening at the moment there are quite a number to watch), scroll through Instagram, then Twitter, then Tumblr and then repeat the scrolling all over again on Instagram. It's only when I give my eyes a momentary break from my screen to look over at the clock when I realise that a couple of hours have passed since I first got into bed.

Most nights I tend to start getting tired around half past 10/11pm but once I start up my nightly routine I end up so overtired that at 12am/1am or later I can't get to sleep. It really is having a detrimental effect on my sleep pattern yet I still do the exact same every single night. So when an email pinged into my inbox which invited me to take part in the Shut Off, Shut Down After 9pm Campaign by Endsleigh, I was instantly ready to give it a go.

I was challenged to switch off all of my gadgets, that meant my phone, which always seems to be permanently glued to me, as well as my laptop after 9pm every evening for one whole week. And instead of spending those hours browsing the net, the idea is to invest that (pretty much wasted) time and be productive in another area or interest. This could mean taking up a new class, going to the gym, going out on a date (which might be a bit of stretch considering the fact that I'm forever alone) or taking up a new hobby. For me, I instantly knew what I wanted to use that time for and it was to catch up with the mountain of books that were gathering dust on my bookshelf. 

Normally it can take me weeks to finish a book as I read a couple of chapters, normally when my wifi fails (how gadget/internet obsessed do I sound? Eeek!) In one week I finished two books! TWO BOOKS! And I also finally opened my Driving Theory books (2015 will be the year that I sit my Theory test!) It might not have been the most productive use of my time but it was exactly the kind of before bed activity that I needed. I definitely needed someone or something to pry me from my phone/laptop, especially when I should be taking it easy and preparing for bed, so I treated this challenge a bit like a rehab from all things electronic. And I have a feeling that it's no coincidence that I've fallen asleep much easier when reading than when I'm attached to my phone.

What do you think of this campaign? Do you spend too much time on the internet or on your phone/laptop/tablet? Would you be able to shut off, shut down and focus your attention on something else after 9pm every night?


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