Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Coloristiq Experience (With 1 Month Free Trial)

The Coloristiq Experience 1 Month Free Trial Beauty Review

If you're anything like me (an unabashed nail polish-a-holic), then I have a feeling that you're about to fall head over heels for this brand new revolutionary nail polish service. As a Coloristiq Ambassador, I've known for a couple of months that this exciting and unique nail polish subscription service was about to launch and now that it has, I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Each month you can choose three nail polishes from the hundreds available on the Coloristiq website. You will find a wide variety of shades and polishes from OPI, Essie, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor, which you can add to your Coloristiq Wish List. Then each month these three nail polishes will be delivered to you for you to use for one month. Once the month is up all you have to do is repackage the polishes and either take them to your local Post Office or post them in your nearest postbox. And all of this, including delivery to and from Coloristiq costs £14.49 a month. 

So instead of paying full price for a nail polish which will inevitably go gloopy or become unusable, you get to wear some of the best polishes on the market without having to worry about any of that. Have you ever completely finished a bottle of nail polish? I think I've done it once, in all honesty and even then it wasn't exactly the same formulation near the end as it was at the start. I literally have hundreds of bottles of nail polish sitting in a drawer in my bedroom not being used to their full potential, which is pretty upsetting, both in terms of the amount of money that I've spent on them (a lot of which I paid over £10 for each - eek!) and the fact that they are inevitably going to end up in the nail polish graveyard (aka. the bin!)

Coloristiq Beauty Review OPI China Glaze Essie Nail Polish Subscription

The three nail polishes arrive impressively packaged. I was so intrigued when I opened the box to see the polishes in what I can only describe as nail polish socks. Hehe. They act as a protective glove (that's the best way that I could term it really, hehe) to stop the bottles getting damaged or broken in transit, which is obviously a great idea. And the fact that they are bright yellow also means that you won't have any trouble misplacing or accidentally throwing them out. As I've alluded to there, don't throw away any of the packaging (ie. the box, yellow protective wrappers, pre-paid postal label or Coloristiq sticker) as you will need it to send the polishes back.

Coloristiq Beauty Review China Glaze OPI Essie Nail Polishes

How perfect are the shades that arrived for me to try out this month? It really is a great way to treat yourself to some professional manicures at home, without having to make an appointment at your local nail salon or forking out for a full size bottle of professional nail polish. When you take into consideration the fact that OPI polishes now retail at £11.95, nearing the top of the nail polish price spectrum, as well as the fact that they can all too often lay stagnant in your nail polish collection, the Coloristiq subscription feels pretty ingenious.

Each bottle will be cleaned by the Coloristiq team once it arrives back with them and before it is dispatched to the next Coloristiq subscriber, meaning the bottles will be in perfect condition on their arrival.

Readers of Ellis Tuesday have been offered one month's free trial of the Coloristiq Experience. Once you have registered, all you need to do is email Coloristiq at with the promo code ELLIS1 and your first month will be manually refunded. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me either in the comments below, by email ( or on Twitter (@ellistuesday).

So what do you think of the Coloristiq idea? Is it something that appeals to you? If so, which shades will you be adding to your Coloristiq wishlist?


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