Sunday, 9 November 2014

Florida Haul: Fashion

Now this next haul was the one which did the most damage to my already dwindling spending money but I had been saving for around eighteen months for my Florida shopping trips.

Michael Kors Mini Selma Handbags Fashion Haul

Michael Kors Mini Selma Handbags
As soon as I knew that I would be visiting Florida I had one item on my list which I instantly began saving for and that was a Michael Kors handbag and as soon as I saw the Mini Selma design, I knew it was the perfect bag for me.
When I arrived in the US I only ever intended on buying the gold version and even when I was in the Michael Kors store I had my heart and head set on one purchase, that was until the most amazing sales assistant and I got to talking and she let me know that she would be able to do a special discount for me if I spent over $250. And that was when my original idea of just purchasing one bag went totally out the window as I raced back to the selection of Mini Selma's and picked up the one other colour that had made my heart skip a beat moments earlier; the purple. I managed to save over $70 which still seems almost unbelievable to me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
Next on my US 'Treat Yo' Self' shopping wishlist was a designer watch. Every time that I've visited the US I've had my heart set on a rose gold Michael Kors watch but for some reason or other I've never actually gotten around to doing that. And even though I absolutely adore the range of rose gold Michael Kors watches, I thought I would have a little look in the Marc by Marc Jacobs of Macy's. It was there that I saw a couple of watches that I was completely smitten with, well until I saw the $200 price tag that is. I really couldn't stretch my budget to that amount so I decided to bid them a fond farewell. 
That was until I saw this little beauty in the jewellery cabinet at TJ Maxx. Instead of the original $180 price tag I paid $85! And I had to ask the sales assistant about ten times if that was actually the price. It's dainty enough for me to wear on a daily basis and just look at the stunning watch face.
This meant that I got a watch that would sell over here in the UK for £180 for around £55! Say what?!

Old Navy Leopard Print Slip Ons
I saw these on the Old Navy website before I left and when I actually tried them on in the store they were everything that I could ever have dreamed of and much more. So much so that I actually bought these two pairs and a black pair. I got varying degrees of discounts on each of them (thanks to the crazy deals and coupons that Old Navy had to offer), with one pair costing $11 (they were originally $30!)

Disney Parks Rose Gold Mickey Earrings
I couldn't leave Downtown Disney without buying a piece of Disney memorabilia and instead of buying yet another soft toy (check out next week's haul post if you want to see which ones I did buy) I decided to go with something that I could keep forever, which were also a little more appropriate for my age too. Hehe. I had a look through the jewellery room in World of Disney and wasn't entirely blown away until I saw these. You can also get them in gold, silver as well as the rose gold (as I did).

Forever 21 Jewellery
A couple of days after buying the rose gold Mickey Mouse earrings I stumbled across these gold heart earrings in Forever 21. I really adore the design of both of these pairs of earrings and the way that they add such a unique touch to a pair of hoop earrings. And the necklace was too cute and too cheap not to pick up as well.

Old Navy Sleep Is My Cardio Sleep Tee
This was a bit of a no brainer as I genuinely love any play on the Wildfox Shopping Is My Cardio sweats. It also instantly reminds me of the very episode in Sex and the City where Carrie exclaims that very sentence. Can I be Carrie Bradshaw yet?

Victoria's Secret PINK Star Skater Dress
This was on the sale rail at my local Victoria's Secret and after trying it on and it fitting like a glove, I couldn't put it back on the rail. I also couldn't believe the fact that a size small actually fit me in PINK, despite the fact that I ate my body weight in food almost every day of the holiday. Hehe. (Click here to see some of the yummy food I indulged in when I was there).

Forever 21 Heels
These were also in the sale and when I find a pair of heels that I can actually walk in I tend to snap them up pretty quickly. I also really love the look that the faux leather straps create too. If only they had them in other colours.

Nike 2014 Flex Run Trainers
I badly needed a new pair of trainers but I couldn't exactly justify spending any more than $50 for a pair, considering the fact that I would only be using them for going to fitness classes (I've still to book my first round of Pilates classes) or for going out on evening walks. Even in the Nike outlet stores a good pair were in the high $80's until I came to the conclusion that even with UK size 5 feet, I could more than fit my feet into a pair from the kids section. And that's where I found these. They were only $39.99 and they are honestly the comfiest pair of trainers that I've ever owned. With trainers this pretty I think I might actually be tempted to be a little more active (maybe).

Whilst I did definitely treat myself, I managed to get some incredible deals and savings to make purchases that were already drastically cheaper than if I'd bought them in the UK, ridiculously good value. Would anyone like to see a US shopping guide (ie. how to take advantage of deals, where to get the best savings, how to use coupons to save big in stores that you wouldn't ordinarily think of using them in and much, much more. Including how and where to get a Visitor's discount)?


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