Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Essie Fall 2014 Collection

Essie Fall 2014 Collection Review Swatches

Essie Fall 2014 Collection: Dress to Kilt* £7.99 each

Despite Autumn/Winter being my favourite seasons when it comes to a lot of things (fashion, festivities and staying warm and cosy), I'm not normally the biggest fan of the Autumn/Winter nail polishes on offer. I traditionally tend to wear one or two shades that I end up getting bored of pretty quickly or I end up abandoning any plans to paint my nails with a glitter polish. Not only does the glitter take forever and a day to remove but I am more often than not, completely overwhelmed by the amount that I can choose from. It really does take something special in Autumn/Winter to make me excited for the shades on offer and as soon as I saw the Essie Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt collection, I had a feeling that I'd be eating my words about not being enthusiastic about the Fall shades this year. And trust me, if you're looking for a slew of Autumn/Winter appropriate shades that most definitely do not require a top coat of any kind (just look at that shine!), then let me introduce you to the Fall 2014 Collection from Essie.

Essie Fall 2014 Collection Dress To Kilt Review Swatches

Clockwise from the top: Style Cartel (an inky, almost deep navy blue)  
Dress To Kilt (the collection's namesake and the perfect red; it's not too bright or too dark)
Partner In Crime (think dark chocolate but with a mahogany twist and a whole lot of lustre)
Fall In Line (if you're looking for the ideal Camo green shade then this is it)
The Perfect Cover Up (it had me at teal green but then there's this gorgeous greyish undertone added into the mix too) 
Take It Outside (perhaps my favourite of the collection, this is now the only taupe/neutral shade that I've been reaching for)

So what do you think? Aren't these just the most perfect Autumn/Winter shades? I'm absolutely besotted with the entire collection and just look at how shiny the formula is! One thing I would say though, don't apply just one coat of these polishes. As soon as that first coat dried I was completely disheartened. The polish was rather streaky and not what I expected from Essie at all but as soon as I applied a second coat, the polish instantly transformed into the glossy and gel-like finish that you can see before you. Dry time is pretty average but well worth the wait, especially when it comes to that second coat and I've been seriously impressed with the durability of these polishes.

You can get your hands (and nails) on the Fall 2014 Collection either at Boots, Superdrug or on the Essie website, as well as many other online retailers.

So what do you think of the collection? What is your favourite shade out of the six? Are you a fan of Essie nail polishes? And if so, what is your Essie shade of choice?


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