Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Magazine Feature with St. Enoch

St. Enoch Magazine Feature
I never expected to ever see my face (or my entire body for that matter) in a magazine but here I am; the featured blogger in the Autumn/Winter St. Enoch magazine.

If you saw my St. Enoch Magazine Photoshoot Sneak Peek post (link here), then you will have seen a couple of the behind the scenes shots from the photoshoot already but here is the final feature as it will appear in the magazine (which is out tomorrow!)

I was definitely a little nervous when I turned up on the day of the photoshoot. I really didn't think that I would ever be comfortable having my photograph taken whilst in a busy shopping centre but after a couple of shots had been taken (not those of the alcoholic variety I must add), it was easy just to concentrate on the camera and almost forget that there was a flow of people walking past me.

I have to thank St. Enoch for what was an incredible opportunity as well as the wonderful photographer Martin and the lovely girls at The Big Partnership. It was such a pleasure working with everyone and it was quite nice to feel a bit like I was on that first episode of a new season of America's Top Model, albeit set in Scotland. Haha. I did try my very best to do a lot of smizing in Tyra's honour, of course. And whilst I'm not sure if I would necessarily have made it into the Top Model house, it would have been fun just to take part! Hehe.

So what do you think of the outift that I picked out? What trend or trends will you be embracing this Autumn/Winter? And what Christmas outfit do you have on the cards for all of the festivities this year?

The magazine will be available to pick up from the St. Enoch Centre from the 30th of October (aka. tomorrow) and will be included with the Herald and the Evening Times on that date too. You will also be able to view it on the St. Enoch website (link here).


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