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The Body Shop All-In-One™ Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer

The Body Shop All-In-One™ Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer Beauty Review

The Body Shop All-In-One™ Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer* £10

As you might remember, I fell head over heels in love with The Body Shop's All-In-One™ Instablur™ (review here), so when I found out that The Body Shop would be releasing an Instablur™ product specifically designed with the eye area in mind, I was already on board. Whilst this isn't officially released in store or online until September the 17th (ie. a week on Wednesday), I just couldn't wait to share this brand new product with you. It's definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for on it's release.

I'm someone who struggles with particularly dark circles under my eyes as well as a couple of tiny purple veins that sit just under my brow bone, so I was very intrigued to see how well the Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer would work on these areas. The Body Shop promises that this is the first eye primer that does it all. Not only does it vow to prime the eye lid, ready for eye products to be applied but it also claims to conceal the under eye area, as well as enhancing the vibrancy of your eye shadows.

As a primer, again I could not be more impressed by the Instablur™ formulation. It does differ drastically in colour, compared to the original All-In-One Instablur™, as it is in fact yellow toned (which I hope can you see). It's also not quite as thick in texture as the original either.

The Body Shop All-In-One™ Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer Beauty Review Swatches Swatch

(From left to right: product as dispensed - product swatched and blended)

I was very surprised by the way in which this primer worked under the eye. For some reason or another, I only expected it to work like a traditional eye primer (ie. on the eyelid) but after applying the Instablur™ Eye Conceal & Enhance Eye Primer and then my usual concealer on top, I could instantly see a big difference. There was not a single crease under my eye. Considering my concealer can become a little creased and settle into the fine lines under my eyes, as the day goes on, I was impressed to find that this didn't happen at all after applying the Instablur™ Eye primer.

As a concealer on it's own, I'm not as convinced. The darkness under my eyes does create a problem for even the thickest of concealers, so perhaps it's not really ideal for those of us who ordinarily need more of an opaque concealer. It didn't really do the trick at covering the imperfections that I wanted it to cover but all in all, I'm happy to use this product as a primer instead of as a concealer. (I already have too many concealers to use up as it is).

So what do you think of this new addition to The Body Shop's Instablur™ line?
 Would it be something that you would want to try out? And are you someone who uses an eye primer on a regular basis? If so, which ones are you loving at the moment?


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