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My Long Haul Flight Essentials

My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review Boots Catseye London EcoHydra Lindsey Kelk Miners Primark

Whilst I've already shared some of my hand luggage essentials as part of my Summer Sun-days series (link here), as I started to pack my carry on bag this week I realised that there were a few items that I'd failed to include and that I'd forgotten to purchase for my impending holiday. So here's what I've made sure to add to my carry on bag and hopefully they will keep me comfortable and occupied on my upcoming long haul flights. As I'm flying with Virgin Atlantic, I already know that I won't need to worry too much about in-flight entertainment since they have a fantastic array of movies, TV shows, music and games to keep me busy. I may have already planned what I'm going to be watching on both flights. Hehe. At the moment I'm thinking The Grand Budapest Hotel, X-Men: Days of Future PastThe Wolf of Wall Street (depending on how much time I have left), 22 Jump StreetGodzilla, potentially A Fault In Our Stars (or will I end up a crying mess with this one?), Dawn of The Planet of The Apes and Bad Neighbours. What ones do you think I should watch? Have you seen any of them?

My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review Sony White MDR-ZX100W Outdoor Headband Headphones What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk £4 (RRP £7.99)
Even though I stock up on more magazines than I ever actually read on the plane, before boarding the flight, I like to know that I've got a book on board with me just in case I fancy making a start to my holiday read on the plane. I normally spend the last half hour of the flight doing just that. That's normally the time when I've watched as many movies as I can possibly fit into the allotted time and I've stuck on the flight map screen. As a big fan of Lindsey Kelk and her previous novels, I'm really excited to get reading this one.

Sony White MDR-ZX100W Outdoor Headband Headphones £11.68
Normally I'm an in-ear earphone kind of gal but after a couple of hours of constant wear even my ears start to get incredibly sore. I think the cabin pressure definitely has a lot to do with that too, in addition to the length of time that I normally wear them on a plane. So I decided to treat myself to some really affordable headphones, to wear on the plane. These certainly look much more expensive than their incredibly reasonable price tag and the fact that they are Sony hopefully means that they will last for a little while at least.
I'm still in shock that I managed to get these on Amazon for around £12 a couple of weeks ago and now they are even cheaper! For a few pennies over a tenner you can snap up this absolute bargain too.

Primark Travel Pillow My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review

Primark Travel Pillow £3
I didn't initially plan on purchasing a travel pillow as I don't normally think I've ever had the pleasure of falling asleep on a plane, even on a night flight, but this was only £3 from Primark and it's just the softest and comfiest thing ever.

Primark Cosy Socks Catseye London Comic Woman Eye Mask My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review

Catseye London Comic Woman Eye Mask* £9
For a night flight, a good eye mask is a real necessity. Depending on the airline you fly with, you might not be provided with your own eye mask on one of these flights (Virgin Atlantic definitely do). This eye mask from Catseye London is just so incredibly luxurious and cosy. So if you're looking to get a little shut eye on your next flight, or when you arrive at your dream destination, an eye mask is perfect for blotting out any unwanted light.

Primark Cosy Socks £2
I know I should have really purchased a pair of actual flight socks but I just had to add these to my basket when I was approaching the tills in Primark. As soon as I get sat down and settled on the plane, I enjoy nothing more than slipping off my ballerina pumps (basically the only shoes I would ever imagine wearing whilst travelling) for the duration of the flight and popping on a pair of cosy socks. I will never get why people walk around the plane barefoot, especially to the toilets (eeek!) but at least in my socks, which I've designated completely for air travel, it's not quite as bad.

EcoHydra Alcohol Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel Miners Cosmetics Tin O' Tint Strawberry My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review

EcoHydra Alcohol Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser £2.49
This foam hand sanitiser is, by far, my favourite hand sanitising product on the market and it's a product that I use on a daily basis. I have one in my handbag at all times, one on my bedside cabinet and now one in my hand luggage. I think it's pretty self explanatory as to why I'll be carrying this on-board with me.

Miners Cosmetics Tin O' Tint Strawberry* £2.99
I never leave the house without lip balm and this brand new release from Miners Cosmetics sounds right up my alley. Not only is it strawberry scented, as well as being strawberry flavoured (can you tell I'm a strawberry fan?) but it leaves my lips feeling incredibly smooth. My lips always tend to get rather dry on the plane so I'm hoping a couple of applications of this Tin O' Tint will help remedy that. It also does what the name denotes and leaves your lips with a soft tint of red, or pink (depending on how much you choose to apply).

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel £1.50
I absolutely adore this cucumber eye gel, so much so that I'll need to dedicate a full post to it one day. If you ever get dry, itchy, tired eyes (all of which become much more prevalent during travel) then a couple of drops of this gel, under and around the eye area, make such a big difference.

Notebook and pens My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review

Notebook and pens
I tend to carry a mini notepad and pen with me at all times just in case any ideas come to fruition (blog wise or not) but I thought it would be wise to take a larger notebook than normal with me on holiday, especially as I will be sans laptop for the duration of my trip. I'm looking forward to planning out the next month or so of blog posts and hopefully I'll find lots of inspiration on my travels.

Haribo Strawbs Goldbears Sweets My Long Haul Flight Essentials Beauty Review

Snacks (priceless)
As I don't eat the meals on the aeroplane (I'm picky at the best of times, nonetheless on a plane) and as it's a nine hour flight I need a few snacks to keep me going. It's normally a full day, well at least fourteen hours, before I get to eat a proper meal so of course I go the unhealthy route when it comes to snacking on the plane. Mmmm Haribos!

So what are your carry on essentials? Are there any items that you think I might have missed off my list? If so, please leave a comment below as I still have enough time to do a bit more holiday shopping.


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