Friday, 29 August 2014

This Has Been: August

I still cannot believe that I was Look Fantastic's Blogger of the Week - Autumn/Winter fashion is always my favourite and this trend looks like the one I'll be aiming to emulate - I just had to pick up the very last macaroon wash bag in my local Primark - I'm all about a Saturday night takeaway - A Sunday spent blogging in bed - Shopping is my (one true) workout - A cheeky Burger King for lunch - Changing room selfie - A rainbow of choice in Topshop right now - RIP Robin Williams - Basically my dream issue of Stylist - I wish that I'd picked up these Sooty pyjamas now - Bye bye long locks - My first trip to the hairdressers in over eighteen months (eek!) - How can you say no to a Hello Kitty cupcake kit? - A spot of Lush shopping - Forever clicking and collecting - My Little Pony pyjamas time - Forever Daisy Dream(ing) - To take these sandals on holiday with me or not? - I picked up Lindsey Kelk's 'What A Girl Wants' and also got an incredible recommendation from Lindsey herself (link here) - Truth! - I wish that this galaxy print skirt had suited me a little more - Still got so much love for the print though - The perfect DVD to buy this month - The Stila stand was definitely calling my name - Mulberry dreaming - My new haircut! I blogged about it for Beauty at Tesco (link here)

Now that I've collated all of my instagram pictures for this post, it has become quite apparent to me that I've been feeling rather spendy this month. I think my 'Shopping is my Workout' sweatshirt really does sum up my spending habits pretty well. Hehe. And the worst thing is, that's not even all of the shopping that I've done this month! I have a summer sale haul post coming up this Sunday, so look out for that if you're a fan of haul posts or bargain hunting and I am also contemplating doing a holiday shopping post before I leave for my holidays next month. Does that sound like something that you would like to see? It's essentially just a few holiday essentials that I've picked up, the majority of which have been from good old Primark.

I've also done two incredibly exciting features for some of my favourite companies this month. I had the absolute pleasure of being Look Fantastic's Blogger of the Week as well as sharing my new haircut, as well as the reasoning behind it, with Beauty at Tesco's blog (link here). As you can see above, I did take quite a big jump from having ridiculously long locks to the length that you will see in August's final instagram shot.

And I have to say it; can you believe that it's the end of August already? It will be Christmas before we know it. I've seen a plethora of Christmas cards in the shops already! As someone who absolutely adores Christmas and the entire festive period, it really can't come quick enough for me. Once I return from my holiday, in late October, then I can officially start counting down the days until Christmas Day (talk about wishing your life away. Hehe). And of course I can't wait for Autumn/Winter fashion to be appropriate once again even though that does mean that the weather will be getting colder, wetter and even more unpredictable (meh!)

What was your June like? Please feel free to send me your instagram links and I'll be sure to check them out.


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