Friday, 15 August 2014

Nails Inc Nail Polish Diary: August

Nails Inc Fleet Street

I've well and truly succumbed to the textured nail polish trend over the past couple of months. If you saw my reviews of the GOSH Frosted Sand nail polishes (review here) and (review here) then you'll remember how enamoured I was with them. So you can imagine my levels of enthusiasm when I was met by a 
polish from the Nails Inc Leather Effect collection in my Nail Diary.

Firstly I really adore the shade itself. The fact that I don't have anything anywhere near this kind of colour in my nail polish collection 
automatically makes it a winner in my eyes. This really is the perfect shade for the colder months (which it already seems to be here in Scotland today). This is also a great example of a textured nail polish that isn't too outlandish or eccentric for everyday wear. I think it has a lot to do with the neutral shade but you could easily wear this in a work environment (of course as long as your workplace allows you to wear nail polish) or a more formal setting. It's just such a classic and chic colour.

This textured leather effect nail polish dries much quicker than any other textured nail polish that I've tried so far and most impressively; it dries faster than the wide array of glitter polishes in my collection. Considering that this is a textured nail polish I'm certainly a little amazed by that. It applies much like any other traditional nail polish and is a creamy consistency when wet. This then develops to leave a coarse yet subtle texture on the nails. I personally adore textured nail polishes but I know that many just feel the need to pick it off immediately after applying it. I still wouldn't discredit this shade as you can remedy the textured finish by applying a glossy top coat. And you can also get away with just the one coat of this polish to achieve an even application (I did apply two coats for the purpose of the photograph above though).

Even though the weather is back to normal here in Scotland (I'm talking rain, wind and dullness) and it seems that the sun might not be making an appearance any time soon, I was still a little disappointed to find this polish in the August spot of my Nail Diary. So far each of the previous polishes have been perfect fits for their designated months but I don't think this shade works for August as much as it could have in a more autumnal month for example. When I think August I think of the final few weeks of summer and this colour makes me think of a completely different season instead.

What do you think of textured nail polishes such as these? Have you tried any of the Nails Inc Leather Collection? If so, let me know what you thought of it. Do you think this is the perfect fit for the month of August? 


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