Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GOSH Stardust Nail Polishes

GOSH Stardust Nail Polishes Beauty Review Swatches Moonlight, Night Sky, Stardust, Milky Way, Million Stars

GOSH Stardust Nail Polishes * £3.99

(From left to right: Moonlight, Night Sky, Stardust, Milky Way and Million Stars)

GOSH have added five brand new Autumn/Winter appropriate shades to their permanent nail polish collection and despite it not technically being Autumn/Winter just yet, I couldn't wait to share this incredible collection with you. 

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while then you will know just how much I truly adore GOSH nail polishes. I've reviewed both the original frosted sand nail polishes (link here) as well as those of the pastel variety (link here). As soon as I saw this brand new range of Stardust nail polishes I really could not contain my excitement. These are some of the most beautiful shades that I have ever seen and the fact that they can be found at the drugstore is pretty mind-blowing. They definitely look much more expensive than their £3.99 price tag.

I have tried my very best to convey the sparkle and shimmer of these absolutely spectacular Stardust polishes but the camera really does them no justice, in my opinion. If you happen to pass by the GOSH stand in your local Superdrug then I would definitely make a beeline for the nail polish section, so you can truly see the brilliance and magic of these polishes for yourself.

GOSH Nail Polish in Moonlight (630) Beauty Review Swatch Stardust Collection

GOSH Nail Polish in Moonlight (630)*

GOSH Nail Polish in Night Sky (632) Beauty Review Swatch Stardust Collection

GOSH Nail Polish in Night Sky (632)*

GOSH Nail Polish in Stardust (628) Beauty Review Swatch Stardust Collection

GOSH Nail Polish in Milky Way (629) Beauty Review Swatch Stardust Collection

GOSH Nail Polish in Milky Way (629)*

GOSH Nail Polish in Million Stars (631) Beauty Review Swatch Stardust Collection

GOSH Nail Polish in Million Stars (631)*

Every single shade is simply stunning, so much so that I can't really pick a favourite (although I have been wearing Stardust the most as it's just the most perfect pearlescent shade that I have ever tried).

I would recommend applying two coats of these polishes (as I have done above) just for the fact that the intensity and lustre of the shades are brought out even more in that second coat. The first coat of some of the darker shades (I'd have to say Night Sky in particular), can look a little blah until you apply that second coat. After you do that, you will be truly blown away by the beauty of it. Unlike the frosted sand nail polishes, which dried with a textured finish, the Stardust collection dries completely glossy. So much so that there really is no need for a glossy top coat at all, in my opinion.

So what do you think of this brand new collection of nail polishes from GOSH? Do you have a favourite shade? What kind of shades do you like to wear in the colder months?


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