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How to style summer shorts with New Look

Summer Shorts Style New Look Outfit Review Dark Red V Neck Cami Blue Paisley Print Crochet Hem High Waisted Shorts Tan Leather Look T-Bar Sandals Dark Blue Spike Tooth Necklace Gold Chevron Diamond Stud Earrings

Dark Red V Neck Cami* £9.99 - Blue Paisley Print Crochet Hem High Waisted Shorts* £14.99 - Tan Leather Look T-Bar Sandals* £7.99 - Dark Blue Spike Tooth Necklace* £7.99 - Gold Chevron Diamond Stud Earrings* £2.99

When I was asked how I would style a pair of shorts for the summer I instantly had a pair in mind. My legs aren't necessarily my favourite feature, by quite a long shot, so I'm always on the look out for styles that flatter. As I'm a little self conscious about the tops of my thighs in particular, my main priority is to find a pair that don't draw too much attention to that area. When I saw this pair of high waisted shorts I knew I had found the perfect pair to base an outfit around and to take inspiration from.

Whenever I buy a statement piece such as these, the first thing I think about is how can I take this item from day to night, especially when it's an item that will be coming with me on holiday. So I have chosen some pieces to compliment these beautiful Paisley print shorts, which allow them to be worn both day and night with incredible ease. 

New Look Blue Paisley Print Crochet Hem High Waisted Shorts Folded Review Outfit

Blue Paisley Print Crochet Hem High Waisted Shorts* £14.99
First up are the shorts themselves. As I mentioned briefly above, I'm not the most confident when it comes to flashing my legs on a warm summer's day, so I always have a little list in my mind of styles to avoid (primarily hotpants and clingy materials) and styles that I find flatter my body shape (high waisted and floaty materials). As soon as I saw this pair I was over the moon to find that they were both high waisted and made of 100% cotton. Not only that but just look at that print! I really do love a good Paisley print and this is stunningly intricate and interesting without being too in your face. And then the beautiful crochet trim around the hem takes this pair of shorts to a whole new level!

New Look Blue Paisley Print Crochet Hem High Waisted Shorts Outfit Review

This shade of blue is simply stunning as well. It's the perfect mix of a cobalt blue and a navy blue and then you have the welcome addition of the light blue swirls and red dotted accents in this Paisley print design. These truly are my dream pair of shorts come true!

New Look Dark Red V Neck Cami Outfit Review

Dark Red V Neck Cami* £9.99
I then picked out the red from the Paisley print with this dark red V neck cami. I've been on the lookout for the perfect cami top for quite some time now to no real avail. I've found that either they're a little on the pricey side (I'm looking at you Topshop!) or they're not exactly the best quality (sorry Primark!) but this one from New Look really does match affordability and quality like no other.
I also absolutely adore the dark red shade. It's not the first colour you would think of buying for the summer but what I really love is the fact it will work all year round. I can definitely see myself wearing this in the colder months with a big cardigan thrown over it. And I'm all about finding transitional pieces that take you from one season to the next with no problem at all.

New Look Tan Leather Look T-Bar Sandals Outfit Review

Tan Leather Look T-Bar Sandals* £7.99
Normally when it comes to buying a new pair of sandals for the summer, I tend to pick up a pair of cheap flip flops that don't exactly go with every outfit that I choose to bring on holiday with me. This year I've been specifically looking for a pair of tan leather look sandals and I just so happened to find this pair on the New Look website (link here). At £7.99 I certainly don't feel too guilty about buying a new pair of sandals, especially when and if the the weather takes a turn for the worse. Fingers crossed it doesn't.
I was really surprised at the quality of these considering the bargain of a price tag. I mean just look at that gold metal detailing at the front of the sandal! You can also get this particular design in a wide array of different colours, including gold, coral and fuschia. Another plus point; they run true to size.
My only slight issue with these sandals is the fact that they do seem to be quite narrow. I don't have particularly wide feet myself but if my feet were even just a little bit wider then they would definitely be hanging over the edge. This is something to bear in mind if you normally buy your shoes from the wide fit section in New Look. 

New Look Summer Jewellery Review Dark Blue Spike Tooth Necklace Gold Chevron Diamond Stud Earrings

Dark Blue Spike Tooth Necklace* £7.99
As soon as I saw this necklace I thought it was almost too good to be true. It essentially has the same stunning colours that I found in the shorts and the camisole top along with some other great shades that work well to compliment the outfit as a whole. I really do love wearing statement necklaces like these. I can certainly see myself throwing on this necklace to take me from day to night on my holiday in a few months time. Saying that, I also think that this is the kind of necklace that would work equally well during the day as it's not too over the top or blingy for daytime wear.

Gold Chevron Diamond Stud Earrings* £2.99
Finally to complete my summer look, I found myself picking up one more accessory to bring a bit of gold into the equation. As the spike tooth necklace has a fantastic gold chain and gold interspersed between the teeth themselves, I instantly knew gold was the right metal to go with. It also matches the gold metal detailing on the front of the sandals too.
These are the kind of earrings that can easily be worn day or night or both and the chevron design makes them really interesting and summer appropriate, in my eyes.

So what do you think of the items I picked up? How would you style shorts for the summer? Have you picked up any summer pieces from New Look recently? If so, I'd love to hear what you have been buying?


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