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Ellis Tuesday's Summer Sun-days: Self Tanning

Ellis Tuesday's Summer Sun-days: Self Tanning Beauty Review Fake Bake Cocoa Brown He-Shi

I'm going to start by saying, I do not tan naturally at all. And when I say at all I mean never! As an incredibly pale redhead I don't think it's much of a surprise that I only ever burn or freckle when I've spent any time in the sun. If you happen to be in the same predicament as me then it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to self tanners. I don't know about you but the thought of tanning often does scare me, mainly for the fact that I don't really want to turn out orange or incredibly tanned either. So I've tried to make it easy for those who are weary of tanning or those who are simply looking for a gradual tan this summer, to find the products that will work for them. Therefore I've included a range of different products that will work for even the palest of complexions which can also be built up to create a gorgeous summer glow. All of the tanning products mentioned (apart from Cocoa Brown's Gentle Bronze) are also unisex too.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan Beauty Review Summer Self Tanning

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan* £5.99
As the most affordable self tanner of the bunch, Cocoa Brown's Gentle Bronze is ideal for those looking for a gradual tan which doesn't cost over the £20 mark (which is where the majority of the self tanning products tend to fall). You can find the entire Cocoa Brown range in Superdrug (as well as many other online retailers), so this means you can often get their products even cheaper than the RRP and who doesn't love a bargain? 3 for 2 deals and percentages off the range occur pretty often in Superdrug and I have a feeling they will become all the more frequent during the summer months. 
If you are as pale as I am then you only need the one application, despite this being a gradual tan, to achieve some beautiful summer colour. What I mean by this is you don't need to apply it multiple times before you start seeing results which is always helpful if you don't really have the time to apply it on multiple occasions before an event or before going on holiday. I'm definitely impressed with this offering from Cocoa Brown especially when you consider the fantastic price.

Fake Bake Fair Self Tanning Lotion Summer Self Tanning Beauty Review

Fake Bake Fair Self Tanning Lotion* £24.95

Despite this being a self tanning lotion aimed at those with fair skin, I have to admit, I was a little frightened that this would be too dark for me. I think the fact that it wasn't a gradual tanner might have put me off a little but fear not, this looks incredibly natural even on someone as ghostly pale as myself. I would certainly try this product out if you're someone who is looking for a light self tanner that really doesn't turn you orange in the slightest. You literally look sun-kissed which is such a lovely touch as it's a look I've never naturally achieved before. If you do want to build up the colour then all you have to do is reapply the lotion until you reach your desired level of colour. What's great about this is the lotion itself is a light brown, which means you can see exactly where you've applied it. This means you can avoid missing out areas and don't have to worry about your tan ending up patchy either. This also fades very naturally too which is something that doesn't always happen with self tanners.
This product comes with a pair of latex gloves as well which is really handy, especially if you've forgotten to buy gloves (which I always do!) 

He-Shi Gold Foaming Mousse Summer Self Tanning Beauty Review

He-Shi Gold Foaming Mousse* £25
Whilst the rest of the self tanners included in this post are aimed at those who are looking for more of a natural or gradual tan, this Gold Foaming Mousse from He-Shi is a Medium shade. You can also find this Foaming Mousse in dark as well, if that is the shade you would be looking for. As this is on the darker side when it comes to self tanning, my brother kindly offered to be the guinea pig when it came to trying out this particular product. The fact that this is a mousse makes application a real breeze and basically if my brother can apply it without making a mess than anyone can. Hehe. It really is pretty fool proof and if you use the He-Shi Tanning Mitt it becomes even easier to achieve an even application of product. This can also be used on the face as well as the body, which is fantastic. Out of the products that I've tested out for this blog post, He-Shi's is the one which definitely smelled the best. There was very minimal smell and no whiff of that trademark fake tanning, biscuit-like, scent at all.
After seeing how well it worked for my brother and also discovering that He-Shi do a lighter range where the tan is more gradual, I'm definitely tempted to try out some more of the He-Shi range the next time I'm in Space NK.

Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan Summer Self Tanning Beauty Review

Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan* £14.50

Now this product really is ideal for anyone who will be participating in any kind of exercise or sporting activities this summer. Normally I wouldn't think of a self tanner coping too well with sweat or any kind of water (if you're swimming for example) but this is designed specifically for both of those eventualities. This means you don't need to worry about your tan streaking or diminishing when you are out being active this summer.
On the other hand, if you're like me, not exactly the biggest fan of exercise but you're still looking for a gradual tanning product then this is one I would certainly recommend. As this product can be used on a daily basis to top up the tans of those out breaking a sweat, it also means it is light enough to be built up on a daily basis, if you choose to do so. 
On application this has an almost coconut-like fragrance, one that was a really nice surprise, however this eventually fades away before a hint of that traditional fake tan smell starts to appear. It's not too strong but it does start to grow a little as the tan begins to develop.

He-Shi Tanning Mitt Summer Self Tanning Beauty Review

He-Shi Tanning Mitt* £4.50

When it comes to tanning you really need to invest in a good mitt. Not only will it ensure that your hands remain stain and streak free but it also provides an easy way to achieve an even application. You can find tanning mitts in the drugstore or even in some of the high street stores but this particular tanning mitt from He-Shi performed much better than the mitts that I've bought in the past, which typically ended up in the bin after one application. The fact that He-Shi's tanning mitt is machine washable really is incredible. Even though it's a little pricier than some of the other tanning mitts available on the market it really is worth the extra couple of pounds.

So what products do you turn to when it comes to self tanning for summer? Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think of them?

The next blog post in this series will be dedicated to summer fragrances so if you have any suggestions of fragrances you love to wear in the summer or scents you might be treating yourself to soon, then please let me know below.


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