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Stylfile Nailcare Collection

Stylfile Nailcare Collection review S-file, Emergency file and S-buffer

Stylfile Nailcare Collection £11.99
(From left to right: S-file, Emergency file and S-buffer)

I've posted several nail related posts recently. From the OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers to the Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter to the fourth Nails Inc polish in my Nails Inc Nail Diary, it has been all about nails in the past week. So I thought I would end my little run of nail related posts with the one range I cannot go without when it comes to my nails; Stylfile.

Me and my mum both bought the S-file as soon as it was first released. We were big fans of contestant and winner Tom Pellereau
 (aka. Inventor Tom) and even bigger fans of The Apprentice itself, so this was one product we knew we just had to try out.

Stylfile S-file Review

Stylfile S-file* £4.49
The S-file is easily the best nail file that I have ever tried. Whilst other files tend to rip, tear and lose their effect really rather quickly, the S-file is still going strong even eighteen months down the line. The S-file lasts up to twelve months but I can assure you that both my original S-file and the one that my mum has been using have lasted well over eighteen months now and still work as well as they did when we first bought them.
The ergonomic design of the entire Stylfile range means the file follows the natural shape of the nail making it much easier to manoeuvre. I find this especially true when I'm using my left hand, which isn't the hand that I write with. All I can say is, if you've never tried the S-file and are struggling to find a nail file that actually lasts more than a couple of weeks then you need to try this out as soon as possible.

Stylfile Emergency File Review

Stylfile Emergency File* £4.49
As a huge fan of the S-file already, the one product that I was the most excited to try was the Emergency File. As soon as I laid eyes on it I was instantly intrigued. Firstly, I adore that this product is called the Emergency File. Anyone who watched Tom's series of The Apprentice should remember the emergency biscuit idea, which I for one was all for. Hehe. The fact that this can be added to a keyring is simply ingenious especially if you have a handbag like mine which is filled to the brim. It also means I can take care of any catches or breaks on the go. The spiral casing protects the file whilst simultaneously protecting the items in my handbag from being scratched as well. An extra file is also included in this pack which means you can keep one on your keys and one at home, which also makes this product incredible value for money, in my opinion, too.

Stylfile S-buffer review

Stylfile S-buffer review

Stylfile S-buffer* £4.99
The Stylfile S-buffer comprises of four sections which work in different ways to keep your nails looking great. I use the S-buffer after I've used the S-file to make sure my nails are relatively equal in length and then it's time to start the quick four step process. 
Section 1 is used gently on the nail bed to remove any problem areas, this is then followed by section 2 which is all about removing ridges from the nails. I've had a particularly ridged thumbnail which is slowly but surely improving every time I rub the blue section (section 2) over it. Then section 3 smooths the nail further and section 4 adds shine. I actually use the white section (section 4) on a daily basis to keep my nails looking as shiny as possible and it really does make a difference to the overall appearance of my nails.

You can buy each of the three products shown above separately but if you'd like to buy all three and save yourself a bit of money then you can buy them in the one collection. The Stylfile Nailcare collection works out at £11.99 for the three products together.

Have you tried anything from the Stylfile range? If so, which product from the range is your favourite and why?


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