Friday, 7 March 2014

The Treat Myself Haul


If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you may have seen that I've had a bit of a rubbish time recently, health wise which meant I had to go into hospital for a couple of procedures at the start of last week. I haven't really been feeling all that great ever since then so I've been spending quite a lot of time at home recovering. In between spending hours and days glued to Netflix I've found myself doing a little a lot of retail therapy and here is the result of me saying to myself, "Ellis, you need to treat yourself!"

Accessorize Georgia Winged Handheld Bag

Accessorize Georgia Winged Handheld Bag £32

I'd been thinking about picking up a more spring/summer appropriate handbag but nothing had really caught my eye or it was far too small for everyday use, until I saw this beauty. I initially thought about getting it in green, which I do still have my eye on but as soon as I saw it in lilac I knew I just had to have it. It has made me want the Michael Kors Selma even more since I completely adore the shape of this handbag. I'm counting down the days until I can get my hands on the Selma when I'm in the US later this year.

Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer Compact Styler £12.25

I've had this on my wishlist for a couple of months now and since I was treating myself to a new handbag I thought I may as well get around to buying one of the Tangle Teezer compact stylers to carry around in that new handbag. I had been planning on picking up the gold rush compact styler on my next shopping trip but then I found myself on lookfantastic, as you do, and this little guy had to be mine. I basically fell in love instantly with this Shaun the Sheep version of the compact styler.

My Little Pony Pyjamas

My Little Pony Pyjamas £14

I've seen a couple of My Little Pony pyjamas in stores recently but they've either been a little pricey (Topshop) or not really fantastic quality (Primark) so I think I've found the perfect in between. These were relatively cheap and I'm always impressed by the quality of Florence & Fred pyjamas. Plus these have leggings as bottoms which instantly sold me on this pair as the Snoopy pyjama leggings that I received for my birthday are already firm favourites of mine.

Disney Aristocats Marie Sleep T Shirt

Disney Aristocats Marie Sleep T Shirt £10

The Aristocats is one of my favourite Disney movies and Marie has to one of, if not my favourite Disney character, so any time I find anything with her little face on it I normally end up buying it. I'm talking Marie mugs, soft toys, I even have a Marie purse. This looks like it will be the perfect sleep shirt for transitioning between the different seasons.

New Look Black Tapestry Floral Low Heel Chelsea Boots

New Look Black Tapestry Floral Low Heel Chelsea Boots Were £19.99 Now £9

My current winter boots are definitely on their last legs. I actually had to throw them in the bin this morning as they had started letting in quite a bit of water in the past couple of days. I was checking out the New Look end of season sale and saw these were in the sale and for only £9 I couldn't really say no. Perfect timing eh?

New Look Bow Hair Scrunchies Forever 21 Heart Stud Set

New Look Bow Hair Scrunchies £2.99

I was so happy with the two New Look scrunchies that I bought in the New Look Boxing Day sale that I had to add these to my shopping basket. They are perfect when I need to stick my hair up and I love how cute the little bow is, it almost looks little bunny ears when it's in the hair too.

One of the first places I head to in Forever 21 is the gorgeous jewellery section and these were just too cute not to pick up, plus they will match this necklace that I also picked up from Forever 21 a little while ago.

Primark Miffy and Tom & Jerry Slipper Socks

Primark Miffy and Tom & Jerry Slipper Socks Were £4 Now £2

I already own these Miffy slipper socks and haven't had them off my feet since I bought them so I just had to pick up another pair when I saw they were down in price to £2. Then I saw these little Tom & Jerry ones and I couldn't leave them behind either.

What have you treated to yourself to recently? Or what's currently on your shopping wishlist?


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