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GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers

GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers Review Soft Coral Rose Swatch

GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers* £3.99
(From left to right: Soft Coral and Rose)

GOSH recently released their Spring/Summer collection for 2014 with some fabulous new products hitting the make up stands at your local Superdrug stores and online. Today I'll be reviewing two of their new Frosted Sand nail lacquers but you can expect a few more posts in the next couple of weeks showcasing some more of their Spring/Summer line.

I've been meaning to try out some of the textured nail polishes that have been infiltrating the beauty world of late but for some reason or another I just hadn't got around to it and trust me, the wait was definitely worth it! I'm really glad these were the first ones to initiate me into the world of textured nail polishes as I haven't had these two off my nails since they arrived on my doorstep.

GOSH have always been a firm favourite of mine when it comes to nail polishes and I may have stocked up on their Holographic Hero polish a while back as it is easily one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. Speaking of that lacquer, I think I'll need to do a review of that very soon as I've yet to share my thoughts on some of my favourite polishes. Back to the GOSH Frosted Sand lacquers, I absolutely adore the colours of these two. As much as I love my glitter nail polishes, I'm always a little weary of wearing them in the summer. I normally associate glitter with Christmas-time so it doesn't feel all that natural wearing glittering gold, red and green nail polish in the spring or summer months but these two are a whole different story. The rose and soft coral colour are perfect for the warmer months but you still get to wear a polish which really packs a punch glitter wise.

GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers Soft Coral Review Swatch

GOSH Frosted Nail Lacquer in Soft Coral (07)*

GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers Rose Review Swatch

GOSH Frosted Nail Lacquer in Rose (05)*

GOSH Frosted Sand Nail Lacquers Soft Coral Rose Review Swatches

I have applied two coats of each of the polishes here but I really could have gotten away with just the one. The coverage is really incredible. Don't you just hate it when you buy a glittery polish and it takes a million and one coats of it to get the effect that it has within the bottle? You certainly don't have that problem here. They also dry with a matte finish which I absolutely love but if you're not a huge fan of the matte texture then you can easily remedy this by applying a glossy top coat.

These innovative and absolutely gorgeous lacquers are only £3.99 which is an absolute steal when you compare them with some of the higher end nail polish brands. These also come in several more shades and as if £3.99 a bottle wasn't a good enough deal, they are currently on a buy one get the second one half price deal in Superdrug, making them even friendlier on the purse strings. I don't know about you but I'm certainly going to be picking up some more of these. I'm especially excited for the release of the frosted soft green and soft blue offerings which will be out in April to celebrate Superdrug's 50th anniversary.

So what do you think? Will you be trying these out? Have you tried GOSH nail polishes before? And are you a fan of textured and glittery nails?

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