Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Boxing Day/January Sales Haul (Part 3)

So this is hopefully the third and final part of my Boxing Day/January Sales Haul series, for this year at least. If you want to have a look back at Part 1 and Part 2 just click the links here and here.

Topshop Rose Gold Metallic Zip Top Clutch Was £36 Now £10

When I was collecting the orders from my last haul post I came across this beautiful bag. Sadly, the one that they had in the shop had a rather large mark right across it that I knew I wouldn’t be able to remove. I gave up on ever finding another one until I was browsing the Topshop sale website on my break at work and it was down even further in price than it had been in store. £10 for a rose gold leather handbag that I can use as a clutch or a cross body bag that matches my rose gold leather heels, how could I say no?

Topshop Pewter Metallic Zip Top Clutch Was £36 Now £10

Then I saw it in a silvery shade too. It would of been rude not to buy it.

Topshop MOODIE Slingback Shoes Was £26 Now £7

I need to stop buying shoes! Actually more importantly, I need to stop buying stuff non-stop! But £7 for a pair of copper coloured leather slingback shoes was a deal too good to resist.

Topshop Fluffy Jumper Was £40 Now £20

I’d originally seen this jumper a couple of months ago and I just stood in awe of how truly beautiful it was. £40 for a jumper was a little a lot out of my budget at that time so sadly I had to leave it behind. Then I saw this jumper on the sale rail for only £20 but it was a size too small. I tried it on just in the tiniest hope that it may fit and believe it or not, it did. It’s actually a little baggy, which I quite like. I can’t wait to start wearing this straight away.

Topshop Navy Velour Sweater Was £26 Now £15

This was another item that I have long had on my Topshop wishlist and like most of those items, it seemed to disappear in my size before I could even get the chance to see it in person. I had a quick browse through the sale rails and almost passed right by it but then I felt the lovely velvety sleeve and my heart started to beat just a little bit faster. Then I checked the tag; my size.

Zara Shiny Ballerina Slingback With Bow Was £39.99 Now £15.99

I had a feeling there would be nothing left in the Zara sale but it didn’t stop me from having a little look just in case. There are some fantastic reductions but nothing really caught my eye until I was just about to leave the shop, when the light caught a sparkly pair of shoes on the floor. Again, I’d seen these months ago and lusted after them but there was no way I could spend basically £40 for a pair of shoes. These had been reduced down to £19.99 and then down to £17.99 and finally they got to £15.99. There was only one pair and as if it was shoe-fate hehe they were in my size.

Have you had a look in the sales recently? What's the greatest sale bargain you've ever found?

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