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What I've Been Watching: In April

what to watch on netflix and amazon prime uk 2018

This month I started and quickly binge watched two brilliant new shows on Netflix, caught up with a firm TV favourite of mine and found myself watching two movies that I just had to talk about on here.

So here's what I've been watching in April;

Manhunt: Unabomber

After seeing quite a few people talk about it on Twitter, this month I finally got around to watching Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix. If you saw last month's What I've Been Watching post, you will know how big a fan I am of true crime documentaries, shows and movies so I'm actually surprised that it took me as long as it did to press play on this series.

Sam Worthington, who plays an FBI profiler, is incredible in this, as is Paul Bettany as the Unabomber himself. It did take me a while to separate him from what I know him best from, Wimbledon, when I saw him in this. There's also some great guest stars and supporting actors such as Chris Noth (aka. Mr Big from Sex and the City), Mark Duplass (aka. Brendan Deslaurier in The Mindy Project) and Jane Lynch (aka. Sue Sylvestor in Glee), all playing very different roles to the ones they're well known for.

If I could only recommend one thing to watch this month it would easily be this. Seriously, just start up Netflix already!

Queer Eye

Much like Manhunt:Unabomber, I saw a lot of people talking about the reboot of the classic TV show on social media and just had to give it a go this month when I was looking for something new to watch. I'd never seen the original show but within minutes of the first episode starting, I knew that I'd found a winner. It's funny, feel good and inspirational all at the same time as we see the Fab Five come in to transform someone's life. From the way they dress, to what they cook and the space that they live in, the difference that they make is so incredible and simply heartwarming. But not only that, they give these men the push that they need whether it be in their career path, confidence or life itself and it certainly made me rethink some things about my life and how I deal with each of the Fab Fives areas of expertise. Cue me booking myself in for a massage, treating myself to some OUAI haircare bits and starting to change up how I think about what I make to eat each day/night.

Even though all five of the Fab Five are just that; fabulous, I particularly love and adore Jonathan and Tan. Jonathan might just be my favourite person on the planet right now! Cue me watching basically every single YouTube video that I can find with him in it.

Seriously, is there any way in which the Fab Five can come and makeover my life?


This is another show that has seemingly flown under the radar that I just have to share with you today in the hope that it will spread the word a bit. Unreal shows you the behind the scenes workings of certain reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and what really goes on to make them must-see TV. As much as I love seeing how manufactured the fictional show, Everlasting, is, what really keeps me coming back for more is the real life drama going on behind the scenes.

I initially watched and really enjoyed the first season when it was on Lifetime here in the UK, then the second season was on when I was in the US in 2016, which sadly didn't quite live up to the first. So you can imagine how happy I was to find out that Amazon Prime Video would be airing it exclusively here in the UK and just a few hours after it airs in the US, this year.

It's back on top form and even though I love a good binge watch, it's actually nice to eagerly anticipate each episode every week. It's guilty pleasure TV at it's very best and in a way, much more than that as the behind the scenes drama is even crazier than the 'reality'.

Final Destination 5

Now who can forget the Final Destination series of movies?! Growing up they were a big hit at sleepovers when we were looking to watch a scary movie and even if you weren't a fan of the films themselves, you have to admit that they had a pretty good concept. 

I actually own the original Final Destination movie on DVD (I think it was one of the first DVDs that I ever bought back when DVDs were just starting to become mainstream) but I couldn't tell you the last time I watched it so I was very happy when I stumbled across several of the Final Destination movies on Amazon Prime Video this month. I think the last one I actually saw was Final Destination 3, the one with the roller coaster accident, so I didn't even know that there were two more films in the series.

This month I rewatched the first and the second one and also watched The Final Destination, which is actually the fourth in the series of five, which doesn't make much sense to be fair. But the one I wanted to talk about was the final installment; Final Destination 5 and why it probably makes sense that they stopped after this one.

It starts the way that they all do with a premonition that saves a random group of people from a horrific accident and death but what made this one different was the break with tradition, that I definitely wasn't a fan of. In previous iterations someone jumping in to save you would mean that death would skip onto the next person. In Final Destination 5 if you killed someone, even a complete stranger, you then in turn stopped your own impending death and went on to live as long as that person would have lived naturally. It just felt so silly, even though the Final Destination movies aren't exactly the smartest of movies in the first place. I also won't ruin the twist at the end for you but I certainly wasn't expecting that so at least in that way, it was successful. Were you ever a fan of the Final Destination movies?

The Drop

All you have to say to me is the words Tom Hardy and dog or puppy in the same sentence for me to be 100% on board with whatever's going on and that's exactly what happened with The Drop this month. Does anyone else remember those photos of Tom where he was snapped on set with an adorable little pup in his jacket that appeared on the internet a few years back? Well those were taken when he was filming this very movie and it just so happened to be on TV at the end of March. I finally got around to watching it at the start of April, which is why I'm featuring it in this month's post.

It's based in a slightly sketchier part of Brooklyn than I visited when I was there last year and is a mob or gangster movie of sorts but not in the way you'd expect. It was also nice to see Tom play a slightly more subdued and refined character than some of his other roles but he still brought what everyone loves about him to it. And of course every scene in which he's interacting with pit bull pup Rocco are almost too much to handle, they're just too cute!

I'd definitely recommend giving The Drop a watch if you see it on TV or a streaming site like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video etc.

Have you seen any of the shows or movies that I've included in this month's post? If so, what did you think of them? And what have you been watching this month?


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