Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Wella Oil Reflections Range

Wella Oil Reflections

A couple of years ago if you'd told me that I'd be willingly adding oil to my hair I wouldn't have believed you. In my teens my hair used to get oily/greasy in a matter of hours but in recent years my hair is almost more dry/frizzy than anything else. 

In the past month or so, I've been putting a new haircare regime to the test, so let's see how I got on with the Wella Oil Reflections range;

Wella Oil Reflections Shampoo Conditioner

For some reason, when it comes to my hair, I tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to the products that I use on it. I rarely gravitate away from the likes of L'Oreal and Tresemme, especially when it comes to shampoos and conditioners but when I was contacted to ask if I'd like to put Wella's new Oil Reflections range to the test, I couldn't think of a better time to step outwith my normal hair comfort zone.

I often find that shampoos and conditioners, particularly those that promise to add silkiness or a lot of moisture to the hair, also leave the hair feeling like it's laden with product. I'm happy to report that neither the shampoo* or conditioner* in the Wella Oil Reflections range have this issue. 

Wella Oil Reflections Mask

The reboost mask* really does leave the hair feeling nourished and soft but not too soft. Does anyone else get what I mean when it comes to hair that's too soft? It's almost like candyfloss and certainly not something that I like my hair to resemble, especially after taking the time and energy to wash and dry it.

I left the mask on for just over five minutes and was certainly happy with the results.

Wella Oil Reflections Review

Despite trying and being impressed with the other three products in the Wella Oil Reflections range, the real stand out star of the range has to be the smoothing oil*. And if you were to buy just one product from the Oil Reflections range, this should definitely be it.

You can use it on wet, damp or dry hair, with my personal preference being to use it just before I go to blow dry. There's no greasiness nor is there that weird separation of hair that you often get when it comes to hair oils. This is lightweight but it also really adds some spectacular shine to the hair. My hair went from being a little dull and frizzy to being sleek and shiny and I achieved all this from the comfort of my own home.

As it's part of the Wella Professional family, it truly feels like a treat to use these products. Thanks to Supercuts for allowing me to try the range and for introducing me to a hair oil that actually delivers the results that you'd want it to.

Would you like to try the Wella Oil Reflections range? What is your biggest issue when it comes to your hair? And are you a fan of hair oils?


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