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The John Lewis Christmas Shop

The John Lewis Christmas Shop

Now that the John Lewis Christmas advert has aired (and how touching is it?) it now officially feels like Christmas. Does anyone else use that as a way of determining when to start properly getting into the festive mood? I know that I certainly do.

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. I love meticulously planning what gifts I'll be buying my loved ones and picturing their faces when they start unwrapping them. I dust off some Christmas classics in my DVD collection. And there's something about seeing a Christmas tree or going out and looking at Christmas lights decorating the streets that just makes me incredibly happy, so I'm definitely one of those people who gets excited for Christmas months before the big day. As soon as my local John Lewis (it's the Glasgow branch housed in Buchanan Galleries for fellow Glaswegians) I took a trip along, camera in hand to check it out and inevitably get swept up in the Christmas spirit. To say that I was excited is a bit of an understatement and as a result I went a little snap happy so this is quite the photo heavy post. But it was just far too difficult to whittle down photograph after photograph of stunning baubles, glistening lights and decorated trees. 

John Lewis Christmas Gifting

The first area that I made my way to was the gifting area which featured the top 50 gifts as selected by John Lewis this year. I've only really made a start to my Christmas shopping so I was sure to note down a few possible items to come back and look at when I properly dedicate a whole day to shopping up a storm. I also ended up adding quite a few items to my own Christmas wishlist too.

John Lewis Christmas Gifts

There was also a fantastic fashion edit featuring some incredibly exciting designer collaborations and festive party-wear. Forget about Balmain for H&M! It's all about Bruce by Bruce Oldfield and Somerset by Alice Temperley and John Lewis Glasgow is also the only one in Scotland to stock Bruce Oldfield's collection which you just have to check out if you get a chance to.

John Lewis Partywear 2015

It's all about textures and Gatsby inspired pieces, a look that I absolutely adore and I don't think you can get more party and festive season ready than with some 1920's style fashion. I'm also definitely on board with it as one of my favourite colour combinations when it comes to getting dressed up is black and gold.

John Lewis Christmas Party Fashion

Then I took a wander over to the decorations and to say that I was impressed doesn't quite cover it.

John Lewis Christmas Lights

I'm a big fairy light fan and have them dotted around several rooms in the house all year round but seeing the superbly festive strings of lights, showcased like they are here, I just had to purchase the Holly lights (expect to see them appear pretty frequently in my upcoming Blogmas posts) and I had to restrain myself from adding another couple of packs of lights to my basket that night too.

With my Holly lights in tow I made my way to the separately set out trend sections and thought that I would go through each of them individually and share what I simply adored about each of them.


John Lewis Midwinter

The Midwinter collection, like all of this year's collections to be fair, is absolutely gorgeous. If you're a fan of rich and warm tones when it comes to your Christmas decs I have a feeling that this will be the one for you. Think berries, russet, red and sprinkles of gold. And just look at how cute that little fox on the tree is!

John Lewis Christmas Decorations

The selection of baubles in John Lewis really are just out of this world, as you might be able to see and I really did have to restrain myself from adding one after the other to my basket. Our living room isn't really big enough for a full size tree, neither is my bedroom so I don't think I'd be able to fit too many of the spectacular baubles on one of those tiny little trees that we normally have to go for.

John Lewis Baubles

Christmas Dreaming

John Lewis Christmas Dreaming

Christmas Dreaming is the next collection and it's all about childhood memories and recapturing that joyful and playful essence of Christmas. Think adorable cuddly toy decorations and baubles that look like they've been handed down over the years whilst still looking effortlessly fabulous of course.

John Lewis Christmas Children

I couldn't help myself but to let out a little shriek of joy when I spotted all of these little toys in their festive baskets. Can I justify buying a few for myself at the age of 23? Hehe.

Different Perspective

John Lewis Santa

If you're a fan of classic greens and reds when it comes to your Christmas decor then the Different Perspective collection is definitely for you. There's plenty of Santa related decs making it perfect for those who prefer a traditional touch with a fun and contemporary twist. And how fantastic do the little trees from this collection look?

John Lewis' Christmas Shop

Can you tell that I was completely in awe as I made my way around the John Lewis Christmas shop?


John Lewis Boutique

And when I was talking about John Lewis embracing the Gatsby feel above, this is translated spectacularly in the Boutique collection. I absolutely adore the 2015 decoration. It really would make for such a unique decoration or New Year's accompaniment.

John Lewis Boutique

This collection in particular just screamed luxury and opulence at me which I certainly appreciated and the impeccable detailing on each and every piece and the stunning metallic accents had me smiling from ear to ear.

John Lewis Christmas Ornament


John Lewis Christmas Snowdrift

Snowdrift is all about whites, glitter and sparkle, all with a sprinkling of snow. It immediately conjured up images of winter landscapes for me and the first snowfall of the season.

John Lewis Snowdrift

I'm also definitely going to need to treat myself to one of these little guys.


John Lewis Christmas Enchantment

And last but by no means least is the Enchantment collection. It really takes the clean whites of Snowdrift to a whole different level thanks to the spectacular touches of gold and gilding.

John Lewis Decorations 2015

I'm really tempted to buy the diamante encrusted ornament, the one at the bottom left hand side, to hang over my bed this Winter. What do we think? I think it's pretty apparent that I'm going to go a little Christmas crazy very soon, isn't it? Hehe.

Well there you have it; my trip around the John Lewis Christmas Shop.

Christmas Shop John Lewis

Are you a fan of Christmas and the festive period? Have you seen any incredible decorations and trees this year so far? Have you made a start to your Christmas shopping yet? And what were your thoughts on the John Lewis Christmas advert?


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