Sunday, 15 November 2015

Finding My Dream Faux Fur Collared Coat

New Look Winter Fashion 2015

Every year when the influx of Winter coats and jackets hit the High Street I fall head over heels in love with one or several with a faux fur collar. However, the coats and jackets that they regularly get attached to are ones that seriously do not work for my shape. And for that reason I tend to just buy the same style each year but in a different colour. I'd pretty much given up all hope of ever having a faux fur collar grace my lapel but a chance trip to New Look changed all that. 

For some reason I never even thought of adding a collar on top of a separate item of clothing but it appears that this is a bit of a High Street fashion trend this year so I took full advantage and snapped up a gorgeous rust coloured one. And a couple of rails over I spotted the Winter coat of my dreams. Not only did it have the ability for it to be cinched it in at the waist, which is a must for me but it was also in my dream colour and at a fantastic price point. I'm really loving plum and burgundy shades at the moment, despite not ever owning anything in that kind of colour until very recently. If you saw last week's 48 Hours in Denim post then you will have seen my plum pair of Wonderfit jeans already, which you should be able to spot in today's post and since buying them I've been a little enamoured with the shade.

New Look Winter Coat Blogger

And what really won me over about layering a faux fur collar over a separate piece was the fact that I could do so for under £40. And unlike the rest of my Winter coats and jackets this is a lot lighter which means that it will be perfect for those days when I know I'm going to be indoors (did someone say Christmas shopping?) or when it's not bitter cold outside.

New Look Burgundy

There you have it, my own customised Winter coat complete with lovely faux fur collar, which I must add provides so much warmth and cosiness. I also really like the colour of it against my auburn hair. What do we think?

What kind of Winter coat or jacket will you be wearing over the colder months this year? And have you enjoyed another outfit/fashion based post from me?


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