Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fashion Your Fringe With New Look (Plus An Autumn/Winter Wishlist)

New Look Fringed Backpack

I'm currently absolutely obsessed with anything fringed when it comes to fashion and you can expect another post very soon featuring two more fringed items but today it's all about this incredible fringed tassel backpack from New Look. And the fact that this was in backpack form won me over even more. All I could think about, as soon as I saw it, was 'how perfect will this be for Autumn/Winter?'

What I really adore about this bag is just how much it adds to any kind of outfit and it's deceptively roomy too which is great as I always tend to carry 101 things around with me in the colder months (I'm talking about an umbrella, tissues, cold remedies, etc.; essentially what you need to survive winter in Scotland really). The gold detailing is also a massive hit with me too and it definitely looks far more expensive than the £22.99 price tag.

Fringed Bag

And whilst I'm talking about one of my favourite recent purchases for this season, I thought that I would also share a few more pieces from New Look that you should definitely check out. I've practically been glued to their site ever since they first launched a few of their Autumn/Winter pieces a couple of weeks ago. Is it just me who far prefers Autumn/Winter fashion to Spring/Summer?

New Look Autumn Winter 2015

Now how great would the fringed backpack look with all of these pieces? I think I'm basically just asking for someone's permission other than my own to buy a whole new wardrobe of Autumn/Winter-ware. Hehe. You can certainly style the fringed backpack up for a night out just as easily as you can wear it during the day. And when I say that I can't wait to style this up for Autumn/Winter I have to admit, I'm already looking forward to using this when the weather gets a little bit warmer next year too. How strange is it to say next year in relation to any semblance of sunshine and warmth hitting our shores again? I'll definitely be taking this with me on my travels to Orlando, Florida next year as well as it's just such a perfect size and adds something incredibly special to even the most basic of outfits.

So what do you think of my new backpack? And more generally the fringed/tasseled trend that seems to sweeping the High Street? What Autumn/Winter trend will you be wearing this year?



  1. I recently picked up a black leather look fringe back for winter, its perfect x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I am really loving that trend too Emma! :)

  2. In love with that backpack! I haven't seen many backpacks with the fringed effect so will have to keep an eye out. Great wish list, so many autumnal colours!

    Oh January | Lifestyle Blog

    1. You must do! It's such a great backpack!!
      Thank you so much Hannah! :) I'm definitely loving the autumnal colours!

  3. I got a fringed side bag from H&M and I love it! All of your items are perfect!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Oooh this bag is super cute!!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  5. I love this bag too! I'm all over suede and fringing at the moment and this is right up my street! New look always have such affordable pieces!!xx

    1. They really do Hannah! :) I'm the exact same! Hehe.


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