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Nip + Fab Bust, Cellulite & Tummy Fixes

Nip + Fab Bust Cellulite Tummy Fix

Nip + Fab are a brand that I've been a fan of for quite some time now. You might remember my reviews of their Dry Leg Fix (review here) and CC Eye Fix (review here) if you're a longtime Ellis Tuesday reader. Well Nip + Fab have given their packaging a beautiful revamp. Just look at how sleek and stunning the Body Fix range looks! I've had the pleasure of putting three of their Body Fix products to the test over the past month or so and I'm here today to share my thoughts on them.

Before I start reviewing each of the products individually, I just want to mention that Boots currently have the entire Nip + Fab range at half price at the moment. So if a product or three take your fancy after reading today's post, you might want to snap them up while they're on such a great offer. But back to the reviews themselves.

Nip + Fab Bust Fix* £8.14 (Normally £16.29)
My bust is an area that I don't pay as much attention to as I probably should when it comes to moisturising so that was one of the main features of Bust Fix that immediately caught my attention. I also have a couple of other facets surrounding my bust that I do wish I could improve, even if only slightly. Whilst I don't necessarily need any more help in making my bust any bigger, they could be firmer. Apologies if this is stepping into the TMI side of things right now but I couldn't review a product called Bust Fix without discussing these kinds of things. And on top of that, my bust expanded rather rapidly, almost overnight, when I hit puberty so stretch marks have always been an issue for me but thankfully I'm that pale that they're not overly obvious, in certain lights anyway.

Bust Fix has certainly improved the look and feel of the stretch marks and for me that's what I love about this product. I've never applied anything like Bio-Oil or lotions and potions to deal with the stretch marks on my bust mainly because they never went through that angry purplish stage that most of the other stretch marks on my body did. But I'm definitely happy with the way in which Bust Fix has dealt with them. The texture of the skin feels so much better than it did before and they also feel a bit firmer too, even if that might just be a psychological thing. I can really see this being a product that works for all ages, not just those who decolletage products might typically be aimed at. It's ultimately a confidence boost in a tube.

Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix* £9.14 (Normally £18.29)
For me, cellulite is probably the one aspect of my body that I would change in an instant if I had a magic wand. I've suffered from pretty deep and centralised cellulite since my mid-teens and it's something that's always had an impact on my self-confidence. I really do wish that I could wear shorter hemlines without feeling like everyone is looking at the cellulite on my legs. I know I could but I'm just not there yet. This all meant that I was looking forward to putting Cellulite Fix through it's paces, especially as I've been left feeling a little disheartened by other 'cellulite fix' products that I've tried in the past. 

Well the results of Nip + Fab's Cellulite Fix were a little disheartening too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting miracles when it comes to products like this that aim to improve the appearance of cellulite. This did absorb quickly into the skin, like the other two Nip + Fab products featured in today's post did and it smells lovely too but I haven't seen any major improvements in the areas of cellulite, on my thighs in particular, as a result of using this. My skin does feel softer and a bit firmer but I still see a whole lot of cellulite staring back at me. But maybe that has something to do with the fact that I don't think I'll ever be happy with the way in which the cellulite on my legs looks. Who knows.

Nip + Fab Tummy Fix* £9.64 (Normally £19.29)
This was probably the product that I was the most excited to try and the most optimistic about working for me and in a way it really did live up to those expectations of mine. Let me set the scene tummy wise. My stomach can really fluctuate in size (thanks IBS!) and as a result there are some days where my stomach poses me no issues and I don't even think about it and then there are others when I look several months pregnant due to the bloating. As a result of this the skin on my stomach can feel quite thin and not as firm as it could be when it goes back down to it's 'normal' size. 

Now obviously this product doesn't reduce the bloating caused by an IBS flare up but what it does do is improve things when it's back to it's flatter state. I was also pleasantly surprised by the way in which it dealt with the stretch marks located right at the base of my tummy (thanks again IBS!) My stomach is noticeably smoother and the skin definitely feels taughter than it normally does. I really would recommend applying this morning and night to see and feel a real difference and if you're looking to smooth, soften and hydrate your stomach then this is definitely a product to try.

So what do you think of the sounds of the Nip + Fab Fix range of products? Have you tried any of them before? And if so, what did you think? And does anyone have a hero product for dealing with intense cellulite?



  1. I was ready for a good eye roll when I found out these were coming out, but after reading your review I'm actually really intrigued! I still doubt any cellulite cream can make a real lasting difference on it at all, but I like the sound of the Bust Fix! I'm a fan of their Glycolic Fix face wash already and I'll definitely pick up Bust FIx on my next trip to Boots after this. Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. They are definitely interesting products Fernanda and I do agree with you when it comes to cellulite. Oooh that sounds like a product that I'll need to put to the test!
      No problem at all! :)

  2. I've always been intrigued by these products. I have really stubborn cellulite on my thighs and like you tend to hide them away. I've found dry body brushing and using oils helps more, especially an oil that needs a lot of massaging in. That and squats unfortunately! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'll definitely need to try some of those tips out Chloe! :) Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. These are all interesting products that I really ought to give a try - Everything's worth a try right? x

  4. I love how honest and open you've been here about stuff we can all relate too - bloating, stretch marks etc. Thanks for that! But I actually hate products like these - they just capitalise on our existing insecurities and make them seem more important than they are. Definitely in the Love Your Stretchmarks camp over here!

    Hetty x

    1. I'm really glad to hear that Hetty! :) I'm happy to share and the Love Your Stretchmarks camp is where it's at! ;) Hehe.

  5. I really like their facial skincare but I haven't tried any of their body products. TMI but I suffer from all sorts of wobbliness, blotchiness etc. so I will definitely have to give these a try :) they're so affordable too! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I really love just how affordable they are Jasmine! :) I would definitely give them a try if those are the kinds of issues that you have to deal with!


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