Friday, 7 August 2015

My Introduction To Partylite Candles

Partylite Candles

As you might have already noticed if you happen to follow me on Instagram or read my Yankee Candle Summer Haul post, I have a bit of a thing for candles. So when I was contacted by Partylite to ask if I would like to try out some of their range of candles I could hardly say no. I'd never heard of Partylite before but I was certainly intrigued to see what kind of candles they had to offer and I was instantly impressed when these two stunning candles arrived at my door.

Partylite RoseWood

The first box that I opened up contained a candle which I immediately fell in love with. The RoseWood Essential Jar* smells sweet yet floral and fruity at the same time. It's times like these, when I'm struggling to truly capture the scent of a fragrance that I wish I had a bit more experience of detailing and depicting scents without having to say, "oh you really have to smell it to get what I mean." Hehe. RoseWood is part of the Herbal & Woody range of scents at Partylite if that helps to describe it a little more. And when I say RoseWood to you what is the first thing that springs to mind? For me it instantly made me think of Pretty Little Liars and that's even after it being a couple of years since I last tuned into the show. PLL fans, should I get back into it?

The price of £11.50 was also a welcome surprise. I don't know about you but I sometimes feel that this size of candle can often be even pricier than or just as expensive as some of the larger jars, so this one being just shy of £10 is a great deal in my opinion. The Essential Jar also comes with a burn time of 40-60 hours which really is fantastic for the price and I can see myself burning this one at any stage of the year, ie. it's not one of those scents that only really works for the Autumn/Winter or during the Spring/Summer.

Partylite Sea Salt & Driftwood

Next up is the 3-Wick Sea Salt & Driftwood Jar*. I've actually been on the lookout for a great 3-Wick candle for quite some time now but I've never found a fragrance in that style of candle that I've actually wanted in my house. For some reason or another the 3-Wick candles on the High Street are either really overpowering and almost burn the nostrils when you go to give it a little sniff or they have little to no fragrance at all. There was none of that with this candle. The Sea Salt & Driftwood fragrance is so fresh and clean and would work perfectly in the bathroom.

It's also got a bit of a masculine hint to it. I hope that that makes sense. What I mean by that is that you can almost smell the kind of fragrance that I, anyway, would associate with a man's aftershave. It's quite nice that it's not as sweet or feminine as many of the other candles that I already own which is definitely a nice touch. This would make it a great unisex kind of candle if you live with a member of the opposite sex who's had enough of rooms smelling like vanilla cupcakes and strawberries. Hehe. The 3-Wick Jar is £22.75 and burns for between 35-55 hours.

Partylite Candle Review

Well I've certainly been impressed by the two scents that I was very kindly sent to review and I already have a few more fragrances on my list of ones to try. And in addition that, not only do Partylite sell candles but they also sell some absolutely beautiful and surprisingly unique accessories and candle holders too. There are so many that I've added to my virtual wishlist and that wishlist basically comprises of Partylite's entire Nature's Love collection. Who wouldn't want their candles to be held in little hedgehog, cat and bunny rabbit shaped holders? You can view the entire Partylite range via their online catalogue.

Have you heard of Partylite before? What do you think of the two fragrances featured in today's post? And what is your favourite candle brand? 


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