Friday, 1 May 2015

Treat Yo' Self (Or Someone Else) With Trollbeads

I think that most people would agree that picking a piece of jewellery really is a personal experience and that's why it can often be so difficult to buy jewellery as a gift for a loved one. But I think that I might have just found the solution to that issue and it's all thanks to Trollbeads.

Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

First of all, can I just start by saying how beautiful the packaging is! If you're someone who struggles to wrap up presents or gifts then this is definitely the way to go. But what makes Trollbeads stand out from a lot of other jewellery companies is the fact that you can completely customise and create your own piece of entirely unique jewellery. The possibilities, combinations and choices really are endless when it comes to their site (link here) and all you have to do is choose a bracelet, then a lock and then you're ready to start adding beads. And trust me when I say, you will be seriously spoiled for choice when it comes to assembling your very own Trollbeads bracelet. 

Trollbeads Light Blue/Dark Grey Leather Bracelet

Light Blue/Dark Grey Leather Bracelet* £25

There are several bracelet options to choose from. You can either go for a leather bracelet (like I did for mine), a chain bracelet or a bangle. As soon as I saw the light blue/dark grey colour combination of this particular leather bracelet I was instantly sold. I love the fact that it will work equally well in the warmer months as it will in the colder months. It's also the perfect bracelet for wearing on an everyday basis and that's what makes it stand out from a lot of the other, more evening appropriate, bracelets that I already own. The whole selection of leather bracelets definitely have a kind of festival/beachy vibe to them which makes them ideal for the summer months specifically.

Trollbeads Bead

Blue Desert Bead* £25 - Green Hematite Bead* £25

I was given the opportunity to select two beads to add to my bracelet and this is definitely where I spend the most time trying to decide which ones to go for, as there are just so many incredible beads to choose from. I soon settled on these two particular beads as they just looked absolutely exquisite and that was before I even saw them in real life. I also thought that they would work really well on the leather bracelet and I think that I was seriously correct about that.
I've never seen anything quite like the Blue Desert Bead before. I mean how stunning are the little flecks of gold running through it? And the Green Hematite Bead is just the most beautiful shade of green imaginable. I really hope that my photographs have truly captured just how spectacular they look in the flesh.
And as if the beads themselves aren't aesthetically special enough, each bead also has it's own little story or meaning which really adds another layer to the bracelet, especially if you are giving it to someone as a gift.

Trollbeads Lace Lock

Lace Lock* £45

And last but not least, comes the lock. How fantastic is it that you can even customise the lock when it comes to your Trollbeads bracelet? You are again left spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a lock but as soon as I saw the lace lock I knew that, for me, the search was over. I can't even begin to explain how intricate and detailed the design is. 

So, as you might be able to tell, I would certainly recommend the Trollbeads service, especially if you're struggling for ideas when it comes to gift giving. I'm already planning a bracelet to give to my mum for Christmas (let's hope that she's not reading this very blog post! Hehe). It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, now is it? And I've already got my eye on a new bead (link here). It's copper!! And if that isn't a good enough reason for adding to my Trollbeads bracelet then I have no idea what is. Hehe.

What do you think of the Trollbeads idea? Have you ever thought of creating your own unique and personalised piece of jewellery, either for yourself or for a loved one? And had you heard of the brand before?


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