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KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Collection

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Collection

It's very rare that I fall in love with an entire collection, normally there are one or two products that catch my eye but the brand new Generation Next collection from KIKO has honestly swept me off my feet. I was sent a selection of the collection to put to the test and as it has just been released online and in stores here are my thoughts on the pieces that I was given to try.

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Cool Touch Eyeshadow

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Cool Touch Eyeshadow in 07 Alluring Turquoise* £8.90

This isn't a shade that I would necessarily gravitate towards but I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to try this shadow out. The first thing to catch my attention was the fantastic and innovative design of the eyeshadow pot itself. It instantly reminded me of the Lancome Miracle Cushion that I have been dying to try and I have a feeling that this type of packaging will start to pop up more and more on the market as the year progresses. The shadow itself is beautifully smooth and when it comes to texture, is a real hybrid of powder and cream. It also doesn't crease or gather on the eye lid, which is definitely a plus point especially if you've forgotten to apply eye shadow primer beforehand or don't have one to hand.

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Crystal Eyeliners

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Crystal Eyeliners in 01 Vision Ice Green* and 04 Advanced Grass* £6.90
Having heard such great things about KIKO's eyeliners, I was particularly excited to try these two crystal eyeliners out. First of all, the shades are absolutely stunning. I've never seen anything like them before, especially not from a brand where the eyeliners cost less than £7. These are honestly the softest and most luxurious eyeliner pencils that I have ever tried and there's no smudging or smearing with these at all. It has definitely made me want to try some more of KIKO's eyeliners in the future.

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Mosaic Blush

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Mosaic Blush in 03 New Sand Rose* £11.90

As soon as I opened this blush compact it instantly made me smile. How pretty is this pink based blush? I love that you can get a real mix of shades by using this which allows you to achieve a lovely and natural colour on the cheeks. This is also such a great shade for paler skin tones and redheads, such as myself. I don't normally wear blush as my cheeks tend to be quite flushed anyway but this has quickly made it's way into my daily make-up bag.

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Frosted Look Lipstick

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Frosted Look Lipstick in 04 Innovatory Red* £7.50
This is a lip crayon with a difference. The shape of the crayon itself makes it feel like a lipstick disguised as a lip crayon, which is a fun take on the lip crayon trend. And then there's the formula of this frosted look lipstick. It's incredibly creamy and soft with it applying very evenly to the lips. The texture is actually more velvet-like, almost erring on the matte side of things, instead of what the product name might allude to (ie. frosted). But saying that I really like the fact that it packs some punch in terms of colour pay-off rather than being frosted or sheer.

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Glassy Lipgloss

KIKO Cosmetics Generation Next Glassy Lipgloss in 06 Sensory Fuschia* £7.90
Last spring/summer/year I was completely obsessed with the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss, as documented (here) and I wasn't sure that I would ever find a gloss or shade that would beat it, until now. This Glassy Lipgloss has quickly become a real favourite of mine for so many different reasons and I completely understand why it's called a glassy lipgloss. It's so shiny and leaves your lips with a wet-look finish. It's also incredibly pigmented and smells exactly like chocolate orange! Now who wouldn't want their lips to smell like a chocolate orange?

KIKO Generation Next

And just look at how unique the Generation Next collection packaging is?

So what do you think of the Generation Next collection from KIKO? Have you tried any of their products before? If so, which ones would you recommend that I try next?


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