Friday, 4 July 2014

Zara Sale Haul

Zara Sale Haul Blog Review

It's been a little while since I last did a sales haul (I think the last one was my big savings haul (link here)) but I just had to share some of the great bargains I found in the recent Zara sale. I have tried to include links to the products in case you want to see them in more depth but as it's the sale a lot of the items have sold out online. Don't let that discourage you from having a look in your local Zara store though, as I've seen many amazing items in my local store even though a lot of them are not online.

Zara Combined T-Shirt Sale Haul

Combined T-Shirt Was £19.99 Now £12.99
I had actually planned on buying this top and the one below when they first appeared on the Zara website a few months back but they didn't have them in store when I went to see if I could try them on. As soon as I saw them I knew they were the perfect tops for me; I love leopard prints and I needed some more casual yet kinda dressy tops to add to my already overflowing wardrobe. 
I don't own many khaki pieces at all so this is a more than welcome addition to my collection and for only £12.99 I couldn't pass up on this t-shirt. When you take into consideration that many tops in places like Primark can now be almost a tenner, £12.99 for a Zara top doesn't seem too bad.

Zara Combined T-Shirt Sale Haul

Combined T-Shirt Was £19.99 Now £12.99
What I really adore about these combined t-shirts is the fact that the front of the top, the leopard print, is actually a silk-like fabric whilst the back of the t-shirt is the same material that the sleeves are made out of; linen.
I can't wait to pair this with a pair of black skinny jeans!

Zara Printed T-Shirt With Appliques Sale Haul

Printed T-Shirt With Appliqués Was £19.99 Now £12.99
I do love a good monochrome piece but what really sold this t-shirt for me was the beautiful green gemstone appliqués. The green really makes this t-shirt pop and I absolutely adore the tropical leaf print too.

Zara TRF Trafaluc Combined Print Strappy Sandal Sale Haul

Combined Print Strappy Sandal Was £19.99 Now £9.99
As soon as I saw these I practically ran over to see what size they were in. I couldn't believe my luck when I turned over the sole of the sandal to see a 38 (Size 5) staring back at me.

The sale sticker actually says that these were reduced to £12.99 but when they were scanned through the till they rang up for only £9.99 and I wasn't going to argue with the salesperson on the cheaper price. Hehe. It was actually perfect timing finding these as I really needed to buy a new pair of sandals for the summer and for my holiday later in the year. Again, another leopard print item to add my collection.

So there's what I managed to pick up in the Zara sale. I actually have my eye on a few more items which I'm hoping will be reduced further. I really like a little messenger bag but at the moment I can't really justify buying another bag, especially when I already have too many as it is. But if the price was to fall further I might be tempted to add it to my online shopping basket...

So what do you think of my sale buys? Have you bought anything in any of the recent summer sales? If so, what bargains have you found? I don't know about you but I do love a good sale! 


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