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Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Beauty Review Swatches

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours* £4.49

(From left to right: Uptown Blue, Pink in the Park, Lime Me Up and Orange Punch)

When it comes to replicating the look of traditional gel nail treatments there have been many releases on the high street which promise to give you the look of gel nails without the hassle it takes to remove the salon gel manicures. Whilst there are many different brands offering up their answer to the gel nail polish trend, the one that has impressed me the most has to be Maybellines New York's Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours range.

Already offering up an expansive selection of colours, Maybelline have just released some fabulous new shades which are perfect for the warmer months. First up are two beautiful pastels that really pack a punch which are also brand new for Spring/Summer 2014.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Beauty Review Swatch Uptown Blue

Uptown Blue (20)

This is an incredibly vibrant blue, unlike any other shade of blue I've tried before. I think this might be the second time on Ellis Tuesday where I could basically recite every lyric from the Steps song "Deeper Shade of Blue." Maybe I need to stop reviewing blue nail polishes. Hehe.

I normally tend to apply at least two coats of nail polish, regardless of the brand, but every single bottle of the Super Stay 7 range that I've tried have only taken one coat to achieve an incredible finish.  I think this definitely has something to do with the fantastic brush used in these bottles.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Beauty Review Swatch Uptown Blue Brush

I'm not the biggest fan of polishes which have rather thin brushes as they tend to make application a real nightmare. Either they make the polish streaky or it takes forever to make sure the entire nail is covered. So when I find a brand that offers a thicker brush I tend to end up staying pretty loyal to that particular brand. This is what I always use as an excuse for buying as many OPI polishes as I do. Hehe. Application is incredibly simple with the Maybelline Gel Nail Colours brush.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Pink in the Park Beauty Review Swatch

Pink in the Park (21)

This really is the perfect bubblegum pink. Normally when you find a gorgeous pale pink colour it takes about ten coats for your nails to even start to resemble the colour in the bottle. This only took one coat. I feel like I can't stress this enough, this entire range only requires one coat of polish!

The next two polishes are part of the Mega Watt Super Stay range. It's all about the bold and bright shades in the Mega Watt range, which makes them perfect for the summer months. In addition to the two shades below there is also a fantastic fuchsia pink shade which is definitely at the top of my beauty wishlist at the moment.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Beauty Review Lime me up Swatch

Lime Me Up (660)

This is a shade I wouldn't ordinarily pick up but it's the one I've been loving the most. It's vibrant yet it's not too acerbic. And just look how glossy it is!

For the entire range of Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours there is no need for a top coat at all. So essentially when it comes to these polishes all you need to do is apply one coat of polish and you're done. It dries quickly and really lives up to the 7 day claim too.

As this is the one I have been wearing the most it's the one I've been able to best put to the test. On the seventh day there is only very minimal chipping to the tips of the nail. Considering some of the pricier nail polish brands can often chip after a day or two these polishes are seriously impressive.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours Orange Punch Beauty Review Swatch

Orange Punch (470)

Now, if you're on the lookout for a coral nail polish this summer then this is the one to buy! I think it certainly earned it's place in the Mega Watt collection as it's just the brightest coral shade I've ever tried. And the great thing about this particular polish is you can even match your lips to your tips by wearing a fabulous coral lip at the same time. The you really would be on trend for Spring/Summer 2014!

So what do you think of the Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colours range? Have you ever tried any of these polishes before? If so, what did you think of them? Are you a fan of the gel nail polish trend in general?



  1. Loving the pink colour and also loving that you only need one coat... result! I'm so lazy when it comes to doing my own nails xx

    Effortlessly Excessive.

    1. I'm so lazy as well. Hehe. So any polishes which take a couple of coats normally go unworn for that reason.

  2. Gorgeous shades, I love the blue! The formula & brush sounds fantastic too, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for these x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. The blue is definitely the one I was most excited to try! :)

  3. These all look amazing, I must buy them!x

  4. I need to add uptown blue to my collection, I'm really loving vibrant colours at the moment so this collection is fab!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic

    1. It's such a fantastic shade to have in your collection! :)

  5. Replies
    1. The blue really is such a fantastic shade! :)

  6. I brought the pink in the park last night. It went on so well.

    1. It's so amazing how good these really are! :)

  7. Replies
    1. After 7 days of wearing Lime Me Up there was pretty minimal chipping to the tips of some of my nails but I was pretty impressed that it lasted as well as that after a week. :)

  8. I love the green! Gorgeous colours, all of them :)

    Keli |

    1. They are really incredibly unique and I completely agree, the green is such a great shade! :)

  9. I love the green shade! I don't have anything like that in my nail polish collection! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. That's what I love about it too Megan! :)

  10. Just found your blog and I'm in love! So many great posts! :)


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