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Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes Review Swatch Swatches little duck penguin chic Be Bright Be Happy Be You Mini Marshmallows

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes* £5.99 (From left to right: Be Bright Be Happy Be You, Mini Marshmallows, Penguin Chic and Little Duck)

I was very lucky to win Scarlett's incredible giveaway where I won an array of Tanya Burr Lips and Nails products. I won nine of the beautiful lip glosses (which I'll be featuring on the blog in the next couple of weeks) and these four beautiful nail polishes.

I've been a big fan of watching Tanya Burr's videos for quite some time now so it was really exciting to follow her journey when it came to the release of this make up line. As soon as I heard that nail polishes were going to be part of the range I was absolutely over the moon. I think it has to be the one make up item that I own the most of by quite a large majority. Hehe. 

The one shade I was the most excited to try out was Little Duck and it's already become one of my favourite shades that I've ever tried.

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes Review Swatch Swatches little duck

This really is the perfect minty shade and I've been wearing it non-stop since it arrived. I was a little worried that these polishes may not live up to the quality I expect from some of my other favourite nail polish brands but I have been so impressed by these for a number of reasons. Not only could I have gotten away with just the one coat (I did use two for each of the swatches) but these may be the most chip resistant polishes I have tried in quite a long time. I've been wearing Little Duck for four days now and I only have a slightly lighter tip on one of my index fingers and that is it. I'm actually in awe of how well these polishes have performed.

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes Review Swatch Swatches penguin chic

Another beautiful shade for those who are fans of a neutral nail is Penguin Chic. It's such a beautiful slate grey shade and I don't have anything like it in my nail polish collection which is always exciting. Again, very minimal chipping or wear and tear with this polish either.

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes Review Swatch Swatches Mini Marshmallows

Mini Marshmallows is such a pretty pink and just look how shiny it is! This is two coats of the polish, as I mentioned briefly above, and what I loved about this was the colour in the bottle perfectly matches the colour on the nail. What I mean by this is often with pale shades, such as this one, it takes about ten coats of the polish to get the same shade that made you buy the polish in the first place. There's none of that disappointment or endless coats of polish here.

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Nail Polishes Review Swatch Swatches Be Bright Be Happy Be You

I also absolutely adore Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You. Again, I don't have a shade like this in my collection either. I will need to show you a picture of my nail polish collection soon just to reiterate how many polishes I own which are often very similar to one another. You only ever realise that when you bring your new nail polish goodies home though don't you? Hehe.

The Tanya Burr nail polishes fall right in the middle of the nail polish price bracket, not as inexpensive as brands such as Barry M or Rimmel but not as expensive as brands such as OPI or Nails Inc. You can currently buy Tanya Burr Lips and Nails from certain Superdrug stores, on Superdrug's website as well as on Feel Unique and Cloud10 Beauty.

Have you picked up any of the Tanya Burr lips and nails range yet? If so, what have you tried out? Will you be trying out any of these nail polishes?


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